New Harley-Davidson models: Cafe Racer and Flat Tracker planned


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Harley is obviously working on other new models.


Images for the design application that have now appeared at the European Patent Office show a flat tracker.


The prototype is optically based strongly on the Indian FTR 1200.


The raised double pipe exhaust runs on the right side.


The design is based on the new revolution engine.


The license plate hangs on a swing arm, the lamp wears a small mask.


This is what a first draft of the flat tracker looked like.


The second prototype registered for design protection is a Cafe Racer.


Here, too, the revolution engine was designed around.


The exhaust is deep, the lamp is framed by a mask.


Short bench with one seat.


The final drive takes place in both cases via a belt drive.


Stereo struts at the rear and conventional license plate mounting on the rear apron.


First picture of the Cafe Racer prototype.

New Harley-Davidson models

Cafe Racer and Flat Tracker planned

The US motorcycle manufacturer is obviously planning even more new models around the new revolution engine. Now patents have surfaced for a flat tracker and a cafe racer.

Has with the Bronx and Pan America models Harley-Davidson has already presented two revolutionary models for the brand. Design applications have now surfaced at the European Patent Office showing two further Harley-Davidson models that have been knitted around the new water-cooled V2 revolution engine. The first indications were already provided by the first images of prototypes in an investor presentation from September 2019.

Flat tracker prototype


The model, known as the Flat Tracker, is visually based on the FTR 1200 from competitor Indian. The patent drawings show a raised double-pipe exhaust on the right-hand side, a tubular steel swing arm with two cables and a central spring strut, a short bench seat, a front spoiler and a small lamp mask in front of the wide handlebars . The positioning of the footrests suggests sporty ergonomics. License plates and taillights hang on a swing arm – here, too, the Indian seems to have been the godfather.

Cafe Racer prototype


The second draft shows a model in the style of modern cafe racers. A conventional steel swing arm is used here, which is supported by two struts on the rear of the frame. The exhaust runs deep on the right side. The short bench is tiered and covers the pillion seat. The license plate and the lights are conventionally attached to a rump behind it. The look is complemented by a small handlebar-mounted half-shell and a front spoiler.

Both models seem to use a belt for the final drive. A USD fork with a double disc brake system and radially attached saddles works at the front. It is not possible to identify which displacement variant of the Revoluton engine is being used. The 975 or 1250 versions are available here.

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