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Peugeot Pulsion 125 Active.


Peugeot Pulsion 125 RS (Midnight Blue, Snow White).


Peugeot Pulsion 125 RS (Matt Black, Varnish Technium).


Peugeot Pulsion 125 Pace (Shining Titanium).


Peugeot Pulsion 125 Allure (Ultimate Red).

New launch Peugeot Pulsion 125 (2019)

New scooter in three equipment variants

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With the Pulsion 125, Peugeot has presented a new scooter, which will be available in three equipment variants and which, thanks to new assistance systems, should be particularly suitable for use in the city.

When introducing the new model Pulsion 125 speaks Peugeot not only from a new vehicle, but from a completely new scooter segment called "Urban GT". In the new models, the “i-Connect” technology is used for the first time, which some people may already be familiar with from Peugeot’s car models. This is a system that is supposed to provide more safety and comfort in city traffic. Thanks to a monitor placed in the pilot’s field of vision, an ergonomically optimized seating and operating concept and new communication solutions, there should be advantages for the driver. With the help of a smartphone app, the driver can also receive text messages and calls while driving. The system first uses a display notification to indicate that a message has been left or that a call is coming in. The information can then be called up at the next stop.

3 equipment variants for the market launch

The new Peugeot Pulsion 125 will initially be offered in three trim levels. The entry-level model is the Pulsion 125 Active, which is presented in classic black. The 125cc scooter is slightly better equipped in the “Allure” version, which will again be available in two color variants. Otherwise, Peugeut donated the Allure a height-adjustable windshield, a standard carrier plate for a top case and the i-Connect technology described above.


The basic version called Active is available for 4,549 euros.

If you like it sportier, you can fall back on the RS version, which differs from the basic version with a bare handlebar, a shorter, adjustable and tinted windscreen, stainless steel running boards and the i-Connect system. Prices for the Pulsion Allure start at 4,549 euros, but Peugeot has not yet announced how much the two better-equipped model variants will cost.

Peugeot Pulsion with 14.6 hp

The new Peugeot Pulsion is powered by a liquid-cooled 125 cm³ engine that is said to produce 14.6 hp. The wheelbase is 1.435 mm. In terms of weight, Peugeot states 170 kilograms, the tank holds 12 liters. The consumption should be 2.9 liters per 100 kilometers. Otherwise, Peugeot has given its new 125cc scooter LED lighting, daytime running lights, ABS, an automatic hazard warning light that is activated during emergency braking maneuvers and a smart key system. An integral and a jet helmet fit in the helmet compartment.

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