Already driven: Quadro 350 D

The Quadro 350 D in the test

The Piaggio MP3 has completely turned the scooter world inside out. With the Quadro 350 D three-wheel scooter, a competitor is finally emerging.


Simple and chic: If you want to know more than what the cockpit of the Quadro 350 D reveals, you have a nose for it.

The technical differences right at the beginning: The Piaggio MP3 springs with two individual, independent struts. The suspension of the front wheels of the Quadro 350 D takes square via an oil reservoir that runs from the left to the right wheel. According to the manufacturer, this system ensures that the load is better distributed between both wheels. In addition, it was felt that it reacts sensitively to temperatures: If the oil is cold, the Quadro needs a strong impulse to tilt; On a 30-degree summer day, the pans should be much more jagged. The engine hums frugally; It’s easy to misjudge one’s temperament: In spite of its much higher weight, commercially available 125cc scooters easily doze off and swing up to a top speed of 120 km / h. Thanks to its large front track, the Quadro 350 D can also be driven with a car driver’s license. The distance between two wheels running on a common axis is called the track width. Only from 460 millimeters is a vehicle in Germany a two-track vehicle and may be driven with a class B (previously 3) driving license.


Under the bench there is mainly space for flat items, but no more than two open face helmets.

Once you have gained confidence in the two front wheels and developed a feeling for the steering behavior, you soon boldly pepper the good piece in every lean angle around corners. So that you don’t have to put your foot down when you stop at traffic lights, the swivel hydraulics can be locked with a handle; skillfully in the upright state. The steering lock also acts on this lock: if you park your Quadro somewhere and lock it, you don’t have to fear that a joker will release the handbrake. The sweeping body does not offer the driver particularly ample space. In particular, the right foot does not really know where to stand without pressing the brake pedal. The space under the bench seat is also tight: two open face helmets fit in, but a medium-sized backpack couldn’t be accommodated on the test drive.


Red latch: the get up locks the tilt hydraulics. The small compartment offers an on-board socket.

Technical specifications
Engine: single cylinder four-stroke
Displacement: 313 cm³
Power transmission: variator / belt
Output: 15 kW (21 hp) at 7000 rpm
Max. Torque; 24 Nm at 6000 rpm
Front brake: two discs (Ø 240 mm)
Rear brake: disc (Ø 256 mm)
Front pull: 110 / 80-14
Rear drawn: 140 / 70-15
Suspension travel front / rear: k. A./100 mm
Tank capacity: 13 liters
Colors: black, white
Maintenance intervals: 6000 km
Price: 7100 euros plus additional costs


Dimensions and weight of the Quadro 350 D.

Short judgment
+ Extravagant vehicle
+ Comfortable seat for driver and pillion passenger
+ Good wind protection
+ Decent driving performance
+ On-board socket as standard
+ Fair price
– Little storage space under the bench
– Little space for the feet
– No ABS available (yet)

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