The creation of the Ducati Hypermotard

The hype

Finally another object of desire for the Ducatisti: The Hypermotard, an extremely slim supermoto bike with 100 hp and 175 kilograms, triggered a hype for the traditional brand.

Safety first ?? also in Italy. Therefore brought D.ucati brought the Hypermotard to the Milanese last November as a so-called concept bike

Fair. After the bitter criticism of the look of Multistrada and 999, the bosses in Bologna wanted to wait for the reaction of the fan community before deciding on a possible production. They had already successfully practiced this procedure with the Sportclassic models.
But while the motorcycle was being unveiled at the trade fair, the Ducati executives were likely to have pushed the lever to “production” at full speed, because the Hyper-
biker hit hard. Its name says it all: It is an extreme supermoto, powered by the house’s air-cooled 1000 twin-cylinder, in a highly sporty chassis. The Italian press named her Queen of the Mass, the
Ducati community raved about their sex appeal and the
The international association of motorcycle designers awarded her the title "Best of Show" on the evening of her performance.
Only its creator, Ducati designer Pierre Terblanche, 48,
reacted rather cautiously to the general hype (see also interview, MOTORRAD 26/2005). »Offers something really new
the Hypermotard actually isn’t, ”he states soberly. "It combines various elements that you have not seen in this combination before." Maybe so. But this station wagon fits like a glove. The basic structure of the motorcycle is known because the Hypermotard took it over from the Ducati Multistrada. But the new one is completely different on its 3.5 and 5.5 inch widths
Marchesini wheels: incomparably narrower, slimmer, more challenging ?? the Hypermotard turns on. Because not much at all
It’s your turn: a red tubular space frame with a filigree rear frame, a massive single-sided swing arm, a narrow tank, two exhaust pipes under the rising bench, the short red front beak, plus the wide handlebar ?? That’s it. Designer Terblanche also donated a few cute extras: the half-open clutch in its noble magnesium housing, the small oil cooler that nestles around the steering head to protect it from falling and dirt, or hand protectors with foldable, elegant mirrors, which can be quickly moved in the event of a race let sink. The upside-down fork with its 50 millimeter thick tubes comes from Marzocchi, the shock absorber from Öhlins, the brake calipers are bolted radially ?? currently the maximum expression of sportiness.
Terblanche had a Hyper-style motorcycle in mind-
biker for a long time. "When we started the Multistrada in 1998, we naturally had a sportier version in mind," says the native of South Africa. “And that’s been on my mind all the years. It didn’t take long to implement it now. ”Terblanche first built
a cardboard model "to find out whether such an extreme motorcycle is even feasible." Only then did the first sketches follow, and finally a clay model. “In three or four months
everything was done. "
His approach: to build as small a motorcycle as possible with a large engine. "The look of a 500, plus the power of a 1000, that’s what I had in mind," explains the designer. There is no question that only the air-cooled two-valve Desmo-V2 in
Came into consideration. “With a motorcycle, just that, so to speak
is made of skin and bones, a water-cooled engine just doesn’t fit. "The Ducati promise 100 horses-
Developer for the two-cylinder with dual ignition. "That’s enough
easy, because the Hypermotard weighs only 175 kilograms empty, ”says Terblanche. With oil, brake fluid and a full 14 liter tank,
that stretches under the seat shouldn’t weigh much more than 190 kilograms when ready to go, a good 20 kilograms less than with the Multistrada. Otherwise, their dimensions remain decisive for the Hypermotard, which with 2.13
Meters just as long and with a seat height of 84.5 centimeters similarly high? but much slimmer.
The whole project came about because Ducati boss Federico Minoli, 57, had full confidence in Terblanche ?? also when, after the presentation of Multistrada and 999, he became the watschenmann of the trade press and the Ducati community. “If you like the bike, the company consists of 1,000 people. If not, just from one ?? from me, ”Terblanche says annoyed. »The look of a motorcycle doesn‘t just depend on me; Production, management and, above all, market research have an important say in that. ”In any case, Minoli kept Terblanche going, gave him an extra budget and let him do what he wanted. In the meantime, he prepared the ground for the Hypermotard in interviews with subtle hints: "Sure, a Ducati has to be sporty," he said. "However, that doesn’t mean that it always has to be a motorcycle for road racing."
The production of the HM10, as the Hypermotard is called internally, is now a done deal. Immediately after the Milan trade fair, the developers measured the motorcycle with millimeter precision and transferred the data to the computer. Now industrialization follows, the suppliers have to mold and cast the pleasantly few plastic parts, but most of the components exist-
animals already. Whether gimmicks like the folding mirror in the
Series production will be retained, this will only be decided by the homologation. In any case, the Hypermotard should roll off the production line in Bologna in a year at the latest. However, those responsible have not yet provided any information about the possible price. "We have to calculate that first," said vaguely when asked. But for 11,000 euros, the Hypermotard should also be feasible in Italy, which is not exactly a low-wage country. Not a little for a minimalist motorcycle. On the other hand, not too much for the hottest supermoto of all time.

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