New products: Suzuki GSX-S 1000

Sister S.

GSX-S 1000 instead of GSR 1000: MOTORRAD was wrong with the name, but apart from that, Suzuki’s tall nude comes in very similar to what was predicted. This is proven by the first photos without a camouflage dress.

It looks good, but a little different from the computer retouching with which MOTORRAD (issue 14/2014) announced the premiere of the long-awaited naked 1000s from Suzuki.

A little more of the long-discontinued B-King, but a little less resemblance to its little sister GSR 750. Or to put it another way: The new one GSX-S 1000 has a very unique appearance among the Japanese competition.

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New products: Suzuki GSX-S 1000
Sister S.

Her profession: the macho appearance in front of the ice cream parlor

What is particularly striking? Of course, the very steep rear section, which expressly emphasizes the streetfighter character of the newcomers, but which should already cause quite a headache for many full-time passengers. The minimalist, high and steeply sloping seat bun is rarely owned, that much is clear. But the main field of activity of the new GSX-S 1000 is certainly not in the tourist twofold. Her profession is the macho appearance in front of the ice cream parlor or the attack on the house route, and she obviously has good prerequisites for both. For example the massive banana swing arm, which nestles harmoniously around the flat, curved rear silencer. Or the powerful upside-down fork, the radial Brembo four-piston stop or the mighty aluminum bridge frame. But of course the central role is played by the engine, and in this regard Hamamatsu uses a trick that is not easily understood. The current Supersport sister GSX-R 1000 is not an organ donor in terms of the power source, but rather, as can be clearly seen from the arrangement of the starter and crankshaft, the superbike icon K5. For the younger readers: That was the not so short-stroke inline quad that led the world of super athletes into new regions in terms of performance and drivability. That was of course before the Euro 3 emissions standard, but the traditionally good Suzuki engine people should have managed to save the old virtues over the new hurdle. Especially if you assume that the engine no longer has to deliver a nominal 178 hp, but can be modest with around 150 horsepower. The Japanese competition doesn’t have more to offer.

The new GSX-S 1000 seems to be well equipped for this internal Japanese fight, especially since it is also up to date with look to the assistance systems. In addition to the obligatory ABS, there is also a traction control on board, which at least the Honda CB 1000 R and the Yamaha FZ1 do not. The GSX-S 1000 has to live with the fact that other European competitors such as the BMW S 1000 R or the KTM 1290 Super Duke R are in a different league in this regard – but also in terms of weight and performance. In return, it should shine with another Suzuki virtue that has been somewhat lost lately: with a great price-performance ratio.

The competition


Honda CB 1000 R..

Honda CB 1000 R.

Four-cylinder in-line engine, 998 cm³, 92 kW (125 hp) at 10,000 rpm, 99 Nm at 7750 rpm, aluminum backbone frame,
Weight 220 kg, price 11 690 euros.


Kawasaki Z 1000.

Kawasaki Z 1000

Four-cylinder in-line engine, 1043 cm³, 105 kW (142 hp) at 10 000 rpm, 111 Nm at 7300 rpm, light metal bridge frame,
Weight 222 kg, price 12.395 euros.


Yamaha FZ1.

Yamaha FZ1

Four-cylinder in-line engine, 998 cm³, 110 kW (150 PS) at 11,000 rpm, 106 Nm at 8,000 rpm, light metal bridge frame,
Weight 230 kg, price 10,995 euros.

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