Top test Ducati Monster 620 i.e. S.

Promotion of young talent

Although so many have found the baby monster to be really cuddly in the past, Ducati continues to help the baby boy on the jumps. Donates more displacement, injection, more power. May the little one develop into a handsome teenager.

In the style of the population statisticians, the uninhibited increase in the Ducati family, coldly proclaimed by technicians as a modular system, would be described with appropriate social warmth as "many children". And would have ?? in contrast to the reality of society as a whole ?? not even the smack of government subsidies that is common today. On the contrary: The fertility of the monster family, whose ingenious parents seem to give birth to new monsters at the sight of the beloved tubular space frame, is reflected in hard cash. The cute monsters are the number one hit.
So it’s no wonder that Ducati cherishes and cares for the offspring and offers three versions of the smallest in the league, the Monster 620 ie. The normal Monster (7750 euros), the matt black Monster Dark (7200 euros) and the Monster S (8000 euros). All in common for the 2002 model year: increased displacement (now 618 cubic centimeters), intake manifold injection with a 45-millimeter throttle valve cross-section and ?? in order to master the power that has grown by eight to a nominal 60 hp ?? a frame that is 30 percent more stable and a second brake disc measuring 320 millimeters on the front wheel.
The little one ?? no tiny ?? Handlebar cover, on the other hand, remains the unique selling point of the S version, which is obvious at first glance, alongside the carbon side covers and the heel protection on the silencers. And this mini fairing not only calls for attention when looking at it while standing, but also while driving, fidgeting like crazy. Result: As with real teenagers, on the Monster S you have the feeling that something is about to break.
But it doesn’t work. The fairing holds, regardless of whether it is 60 km / h or 160 km / h. Even more: it even protects against wind pressure. Allows even travel speeds of around 160 km / h, while speeds beyond this mark can quickly turn the tour into an ordeal. Primarily for humans ?? not for the machine. Because she definitely has reserves for more. Firstly, because even the smallest monster continues the laudable family tradition in terms of stability, secondly because the character-building measures on the engine are having an effect. A good 64 HP put these monsters on the test bench. So the promised 175 km / h is easy, downhill and with a tailwind the speedometer needle climbs to 200 km / h and more.
If you have to. But it doesn’t have to. Because even if the 620 mastered this exercise reasonably well, it actually had something else in mind: hanging out in the scene, being cool, looking big for little money. Specify? Adolescent obsession with validity? The discreet observer is quickly ready to reproach given the cheeky outfit? and is both right and wrong, at least technically. Because the little monster brings along the indecision so typical for this age when it comes to its own identity. Because there is a little schizophrenia, the engine and chassis seem to belong to different personalities.
But first things first: The 90 degree V2 is ?? Displacement increase, injection and test bench values? a lethargic fellow remained deep inside his crankcase. Silky smooth when it comes to load changes, but only with restrained ease of turning. Probably with a linear power output and a wonderfully calculable torque curve, but also without impulsiveness, without punch, without tangible highlights. When commanded, it turns into the limit at 10,000 rpm with the same equanimity as it unspectacularly pushes forward between 3000 rpm and 8000 rpm, thus delivering performance in terms of acceleration and torque that is clearly inferior to that of a Suzuki SV 650 in all respects are. But it can also be operated with a light throttle hand, mistakes time out, is it an ideal beginner’s engine? and in the 620 i.e S it encounters a chassis that works the other way around. Because as comfortably as the engine implements the desire for more speed, actions relating to direction and curve shape are stamped on the asphalt immediately and without space for corrections. With the result that it cannot be moved incidentally or indecisively, but always requires full attention. On the other hand, the faster the pace and the more experienced the driver, the better it drives. Clear evidence of this: the performance in the top test handling course and on the circular track. There the monster burns at 109.5 km / h in the fast slalom, a sensationally high speed that has only been exceeded by the MV Agusta F4 S, but is clearly behind the time of a Suzuki SV with 21.5 seconds due to the restrained engine 650 ( 20.7 seconds). The tight chassis design is even more noticeable in the circular path: with 10.7 seconds (Suzuki 11.2) and 51.3 km / h (Suzuki 49.4) it clearly beats the SV 650, while the lack of lean angle despite the raised Hecks ?? the Monster S has an adjustable push rod compared to the basic version ?? prevented better times in slow slalom. Side stands and mufflers hit hard there and irritate the driver.
This does not apply to speedy country road travel, because the extra ground clearance is also sufficient for a forced gait without the Sachs shock absorber, which can be adjusted in preload and rebound damping, having to be completely preloaded. Nevertheless, the combination of a spring with such a low spring rate and very restrained compression damping is, of course, just as little comfort-promoting as the very tightly damped 43-millimeter upside-down fork at the forehead. AT fact that is especially noticeable when strolling around, when the monster reacts to every tiny, unintentional steering movement and deals merciless blows at every pothole and every step in the road.
So better speed ahead, especially since the monsters’ handling and accuracy? the appropriate commitment of the driver required ?? can inspire. Just like the brakes, albeit with a small restriction: Although blessed with impeccable responsiveness and great effect, the pressure point cannot be clearly defined after a first, hearty grab. No problem with the usual country road maneuvers, but certainly with the tough test in the driving test, where maximum deceleration values ​​are only reached towards the end of the braking test.
Rather annoying in everyday motorcycle life: a clearly noticeable righting moment when braking in an inclined position and the somewhat tough five-speed gearbox, which has to be used very deliberately due to its long shift travel and because the engine is not exactly brute. The seat height, which is two centimeters higher than that of the basic Monster, has a positive effect, even if the sitting position behind the wide handlebars is still more concentrated than relaxed.
And so adapts to the dynamic chassis design of the 620. A design that is consistently continued in the further periphery. The Monster dispensations with a comfortable pillion seat, luggage hooks and on-board tools that go beyond a candle wrench and screwdriver. In addition to the time, it also provides information about the current oil temperature via a digital display. A praiseworthy service, which, however, can unsettle inexperienced natures with values ​​above 130 degrees, while the completely unsuspecting are desperately looking for the water cooler.
AT.about for which is ?? as mentioned ?? the little monster is not the right motorcycle anyway. Because even if Ducati has the young Ducatisti in mind, the 620 i.e. S despite the targeted and successful model update, it is more of a case for experienced legal guardians. This is documented not least in the price, which at 8000 euros is quite steep compared to the competition. Seen in this way, it comes full circle: Not that easy to use, not exactly cheap, but unconventional, with good facilities and high entertainment value. A real teenager.

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Top test Ducati Monster 620 i.e. S.
Promotion of young talent

What else stood out – Ducati Monster 620 S i.e…

Semial immobilizerAirbox, battery and fuses under the foldable tank very easily accessibleGood cold start properties even in cold weather Low steering angle Only moderate light With a warm engine, only moderate starting behavior Chassis settings Suspension strut: Spring base 8 threads visible, rebound damping 6 clicks on the push rod: 3 threads each visible Tires in the test: Dunlop Sportmax D 205, air pressure 2.3 / 2.5 bar

MOTORCYCLE readings – Ducati Monster 620 S i.e…

MOTORCYCLE Measured values²Braking and driving dynamicsBrake measurementBraking distance from 100 km / h 40.9 meters Average deceleration 9.4 m / s² Comments: At first the brake feels very toxic. But the woody pressure point provides too little feedback, so that the brake is very difficult to adjust. The maximum value of over 11 m / s² is only reached at the end of the braking process. Handling-Parcours I (fast Salom) Best lap time 21.5 sec Vmax at the measuring point 109.5 km / h Comments: By lifting the rear via the push rod At the rocker arm, the handling and the Vmax at the measuring point could be improved. The speeds are almost record-breaking, only the MV F4S was faster with 112.5 km / h. The not very powerful engine worsens the lap times when accelerating at the start and after the turning point. Handling-Parcour II (slow slalom) Best lap time 28.6 sec Vmax at the measuring point 54.0 km / h Comments: The Ducati Monster can be moved with little effort from one inclined position to the other. The only disturbing thing here is the hard contact between the silencer and the side stand. Orbit d 46 meters Best lap time 10.7 seconds Vmax at the measuring point 51.3 km / h Comments: The very stiff chassis does not disturb the 620 S i.E when driving over the bump. Easily noticeable righting moment when braking in an inclined position.

Conclusion – Ducati Monster 620 S i.e…

Compared to the old 600, the new smallest monster has clearly won. Not really strong, but stronger and equipped with a noticeably improved braking system, it can be really fun. If you know how to take it. The 620 i.e. probably never will? but always remain a piece of great motorcycle design.

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