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The little English girl from Lüchow is already battle-hardened …




Bike shop Lüchow
Karsten Bartschat (right)
Bergstrasse 3
29439 Lüchow



The Arrow muffler produces a nice racing sound and completes the exhaust system for corresponding performance data.


The thumb brake can be used in a variety of ways, including as a steering aid when cornering.


The special Arrow factory manifold provides a big punch and beautiful top performance with an almost standard engine.


Thanks to the complete Bazzaz system, the Lüchow-Daytona with just under 129 hp stands well in the drilling. This continuously provides the optimum values ​​for the engine control via the exhaust gas recording and the mapping adjustment that is active while driving.


… because she fights at the front of the T-Challenge and therefore has special characteristics.


Without clogged nostrils, the Daytona shows beautiful 600 rpm revving and special triple punch over a wide performance range.

TunerGP 2015 – Bikeshop Lüchow-Triumph Daytona 675

Battle-hardened fighter

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The Triumph Daytona 675 from Lüchow is battle-hardened, fights at the front in the T-Challenge and therefore has special properties.

D.he Supersport class is under a lot of pressure. Everything falls on the brutal 1000s and lets them pull the lard out of arms and brains. Hardly anyone seems to be interested in the fact that the 600s are usually the far better ones, because they are honest and honest with no make-up. Ole Bartschat, however, likes 600 and has decided on the T-Challenge, in which a number of Daytonas fight for fame, honor and trophies. His uncle Karsten Bartschat from the Lüchow bike shop Ole built the right tools for this.

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TunerGP 2015 – Bikeshop Lüchow-Triumph Daytona 675
Battle-hardened fighter

Silencer especially for the Triumph Daytona 675

The fact that the Lüchow-Daytona with just under 129 hp is still good in the drilling is also due to the complete Bazzaz system, which constantly provides the optimal values ​​for the engine control via the exhaust gas recording and the mapping adjustment active while driving – the fluffy switching machine with it Including separately adjustable interruption times for each gear. The Arrow plant, which was specially made for the Daytona from the manifold to the muffler, plays a major role in the performance – very classy, ​​great sound. Unfortunately, extremely endangered by the flag on the Sachsenring, so that we were only able to enjoy the superb torque and the revving in this set-up for a short time, but the engine showed its best side in those few laps.

Equipped with a different exhaust silencer, now stuffed thickly, the triple immediately showed us what he thought of the noise police’s stranglehold – nothing at all! Although Bartschat soon succeeded in eliminating annoying jerks at medium speeds with the Bazzaz, this greedy free turning that makes the 675s so nice to drive could no longer be fully realized. If you hold your nose, it is difficult to sprint. 

However, a few features of the original set-up were retained even with the muzzle. For example, the gentle throttle response with which the Triumph Daytona 675 could be set up wonderfully from the apex. The basically more powerful torque of the triple remained noticeable, thank God, and made it easy to accelerate out even at slightly dropped speeds.

Racing bike tailored to a rider

Let’s tick off the topic of the engine at this point and first come to some basic wisdom about racing motorcycles that are tailored to a specific driver. You don’t just jump on it and immediately feel good. That’s how it happened to me on Oles Triumph Daytona 675, which was clearly due to its coordination. Racer Ole Bartschat prefers an extremely stable front that counteracts his braking style and should prevent falls over the front wheel. To do this, he sacrifices a good deal of agility at the corner entrance. You can feel this philosophy with every weight transfer, because wherever the gas is closed, the bike remains horizontally almost motionless.

That doesn’t make it easy to turn in, especially in front of the tight bends at the Sachsenring, but it has an even more negative effect on the fast turns, which are much more common on this Grand Prix track and which demand a lot of momentum – ie the transfer of speed into the curve – but not so much screaming for hard braking attacks. In contrast to Oschersleben, for example, Ole’s home route.

Öhlins fork and TTX shock absorber revised

This underlines the basic orientation of the Lüchow Triumph, which has never been at the Sachsenring before and would have needed more time for the setup. The equipment underlines that everything is there. Karsten Bartschat, as an Öhlins authorized dealer, did not mess with the chassis. The Öhlins fork got another revision. The TTX shock absorber, which the Triumph Daytona 675 R already has in series, did not remain untouched either. In addition, a conversion to length adjustment was made. And if we hadn’t lost one or the other turn due to the exhaust work, the handling would probably have been more in the direction of the tester’s taste, for example by raising the rear.


Bikeshop Lüchow, Karsten Bartschat (right), Bergstrasse 3, 29439 Lüchow,

The fact that Ole can brake feistly not only underlines his preference for this setup. Anyone who even touches this brake has the feeling of standing instantly. It is unbelievable how blatantly the Brembo complete system brakes. Even Arne Tode rubbed his eyes after his turn at the delay. The bike remained surprisingly stable for a 600 (the lightest bike in the tuner field), which in turn supports Ole’s taste in setup. Does he still fall so often that Karsten Bartschat installed the tear-off cord for the emergency stop? “Some Daytonas have an auto-killing problem after a fall and just keep walking on the side. Of course we don’t want that. Therefore the leash, ”explains Karsten. It would really be a shame about the motorcycle, which has shown us once again that the 600 series deserve a lot more attention.

Data and measured values


Without clogged nostrils, the Daytona shows beautiful 600 rpm revving and special triple punch over a wide range of performance.

166 kg
front / rear 54.1 / 45.9%

128.6 hp

approx. 16,900 euros

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