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A Honda NX 650 Dominator from 1991 serves as the basis for the Vagabund V13.


It was not created on behalf of a customer, but as an internal project.


Nevertheless – whose interest has now been aroused: the Vagabund V13 has already been sold.


The new rear frame is dominated by the specially made license plate holder and the two side-mounted fuel canisters.


But the front also has an eye-catcher, better said several. At first glance, luggage racks and storage bags catch the eye.


At second glance, you can also see the mini headlights and the micro turn signals from Kellermann.


The tank comes from the 3D printer.


Nylon PA12 was used as the printing material.


The license plate holder makes it clear: The Vagabund V13 is actually street legal.


We have not yet found out how many liters the tank holds and how much range is in it with the two spare canisters.


Not even the price at which the conversion changed hands.


The bench got a chic Alcantara cover.


Vagabund are into off-road vehicles – and not just for motorcycles. Here you can see the right Lada Niva, which our colleagues reported about here:

Vagabund V13 – Dominator-based custom bike

Suitable for off-road use and street legal

One of the possibly sleekest Honda NX 650 Dominators came out of this Vagabund conversion, which should not only be suitable for off-road use, but also be street legal.

Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl are the two minds – and screwdrivers – who hide behind Vagabund. A Honda served as the basis for the Vagabund V13 NOTX 650 Dominator from 1991. "It was our own in-house project, but stood in the corner for over two years because we didn’t have the time to build it", explains Paul. On the one hand, the two of them are into off-road mopeds, on the other hand they like it clear and clean. With the Vagabund V13 they pursued the approach of combining both in one motorcycle. And it should also have been enough for a street legal. Compromises are called for, which are fortunately invisible on the Vagabund V13.

Components from the 3D printer

The tank comes from the 3D printer. Nylon PA12 was used as the printing material: the material should be characterized by high tensile strength and good impact and fatigue resistance. In addition to the tank, the rear of the air filter cover, various brackets and the switch housing are also made of this material.


Vagabund are into off-road vehicles – and not just for motorcycles. Here you can see the matching Lada Niva, which our colleagues reported on

Tiny headlights and indicators

The wheels of the Vagabund V13 were allowed to undergo a powder coating treatment. They were fitted with stainless spokes and covered with fresh Bridgestone Battlax rubbers. The 265 mm standard brake disc has been upgraded to a 320 mm disc at the front. Directly above it is the front fender of a Husqvarna TC 85 and above it in turn a custom-made luggage rack that offers several functions: A pair of tiny Kellermann Atto indicators are attached to it, the Highsider headlights and a quick-release system for a weatherproof storage bag.


The luggage rack at the front is provided with a weatherproof storage bag, very small headlights and even smaller indicators.

The cockpit is also new and equipped with a specially made top bar, handlebars and new controls and levers. The electrical system is connected to a new wiring harness that ends in a Kellermann rotary and brake light combination. This is built into a specially made license plate holder.

If desires have now been aroused: The Vagabund V13 has already been sold. Conversions based on a similar principle should follow. A vagabond conversion kit from the 3D printer may also be conceivable in the near future?

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