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We had the opportunity to try out the new Primavera.


Piaggio donated some updates to the Primavera for its anniversary.


The most important innovation are the 12-inch wheels.


The new model in the Vespa Museum.


The Primavera in the red color variant.


Also chic: the dark blue version.


The maximum speed is 91 km / h.


Prices start at 4,700 euros.


The weight is 126 kilograms.


Simple: the on-board tool kit of the Primavera.


Well solved: a full-face helmet even fits in the large storage compartment under the bench of the petite scooter.

Vespa Primavera 125 (2018) in the test

Updates for the city runabout

For its 50th birthday, the Vespa Primavera is given a complete all-round lift. But nothing changes in the wonderful Italian feeling on this city car by Excellency.

For the Vespa Primavera 125 begins with the 50th so the second spring. That’s just right, after all, that’s exactly what her name means: spring. In Germany, it has been one of the most popular 125cc scooters for years and led the hit list last year with a clear lead over the bulky and water-cooled sister company GTS Super.

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Vespa Primavera 125 (2018) in the test
Updates for the city runabout

Quite light at 126 kilograms

The most important innovation of the 2018 model is the twelve-inch wheels that replace the previous eleven-inch models. They give the scooter more stability, be it in curves, be it in contact with the usual obstacles in the city, from tram rails to manhole covers to potholes; The Primavera also feels more comfortable thanks to the larger wheels. The air-cooled three-valve engine has been heavily revised mechanically and electronically, but power and torque remain the same at 10.7 hp and 10.4 Nm. In the city that is easily enough, especially since the Vespa Primavera 125, weighing 126 kilograms, is quite light and also extremely agile. The driving impression on the country road is less tingling, because the 91 km / h top speed is hardly enough to overtake, so that the scooter often crouches behind sluggish delivery vans or trucks. So it’s better to leave the urban terrain only in exceptional cases, because the Primavera feels right at home there, waves lively through heavy traffic and finds enough space to park in the smallest gap in front of the ice cream parlor – but only on the main stand, a side stand costs extra. At least the price includes modern LED lights at the front and rear.


The prices for the new Primavera 125 start at 4,700 euros.

It is not that easy to keep track of the variety of models. The Vespa Primavera 125 is available in the basic version in white, black, red, pink, light and dark blue for 4700 euros including ancillary costs. The Touring version, available in brown and wine red, with chrome-plated luggage racks at the front and rear, costs 200 euros more. The star of the 2018 collection is the S version in dark blue, beige and red (above), which comes with a TFT cockpit. Some people might perceive that as a style break with such a cult scooter, but to be honest: The colorful display is fun because it provides a lot of information in a clear form and can also be connected to the smartphone. The Primavera S costs 5,200 euros – steep for a 125cc scooter, but Vespa driving is hip, and the parent company Piaggio can pay for that. The Primavera range is supplemented by the special Anniversario and Yacht Club models in special colors as well as a wide range of accessories – each and every one of them has their own Primavera!

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