Yamaha Cygnus X

Yamaha Cygnus X endurance test (25,000 km)

The Cygnus X in the test

No, it really doesn’t belong to the kind of two-wheeler that haunts you to your sleep. His “must have” factor is zero at first glance. Nevertheless, people like to buy it. Over 25,000 kilometers we wanted to know what the qualities of the swan (Latin Cygnus), which is identical to the MBK Flame X, are all about.

D.he everyday life of a good 125cc scooter consists of less of summer, sun, ice cream parlor, but rather of city traffic, shopping trips and the way to work in any weather. Inner values ​​are required, and the swan can certainly come up with that. Thanks to its small dimensions and a tiny turning circle, it scurries through the city like a bike, the twelve-inch wheels ensure driving stability that is easy on the nerves.

An unusually large helmet compartment opens up under the bench seat that was sunk at the end of the test. Large mirrors and bright H4 lights ensure sufficient foresight and consideration. Rather spartan, however: the cockpit. Speedometer, fuel gauge, done. You start with an electric or kick starter, which takes away the horror of empty batteries. The main and side stands are easy to move. The drive is a newly developed, fan-cooled four-valve engine that has to do without an oil filter, which is why it requires fresh lubricant every 3000 kilometers. Those who cannot or do not want to change the oil themselves pay between 20 and 50 euros in the workshop. The actual inspection is due every 6000 kilometers, for which between 160 and 230 euros were due for the long-term tester. The Cygnus used tires sparingly, the rear had to be changed twice, the forehead lasted until the end.

The domain of the Cygnus is clearly short-haul operations. Because it pulls away from the traffic lights quickly, but above 60 km / h the forward thrust of the 11.2 hp engine noticeably fades. Motorway drives are probably doable, but not really fun. Especially since the sitting position is uncomfortable in the long run due to the high running board (underneath is the only seven-liter tank). In addition, the range is modest, although reluctance to use the throttle with consumption of significantly
below three liters of normal is rewarded. The chassis has no problem with performance. With the restriction that the fork and struts work without any transparency. The same applies to the brakes, whose powerful front disc lets you forget the limp rear drum.
Even after a good two years of hard everyday use and winter operation, the swan has not lost much of its feathers, only a few scratches in the plastic testify to everyday use and many transports, because long-distance suitability appears in a completely different light at the rear of a Hymer motorhome. Otherwise the paint shines and rattling is not part of the craft at Cygnus. Corrosion is also not an issue, even the steel exhaust only has light rust on the manifold.

The only reason to be annoyed is if you want to sell your Cygnus. The scooter should bring in just 900 euros. Not much in view of the official price recommendation of 2495 euros, but not surprising when you consider that new swans are now being sold for 2000 euros.

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