Yamaha motocross and enduro models 2018

Electric shock

Tea electric starter was long overdue, but the Yamaha YZ 450 F sets accents with the smartphone app for tuning the engine control.

You can call it continuity: the enduro models and the four-stroke crosser YZ 250 F go unchanged into the next season.

The big class battleship, the new YZ 450 F, is different. Just in time for the anniversary, you could joke. After all, trendsetter KTM is celebrating the debut of the electric starter in a series crosser for the tenth time this season (first model: SX 450 F, born in 2007).

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Yamaha motocross and enduro models 2018
Electric shock

Yamaha excels with precise directional stability, rich traction and delivers its power gently, yet powerfully. The differences between the various mappings that can be uploaded to the on-board computer using the Power Tuner app are clearly noticeable. The centralization of the masses, a topic that continues to play a major role in development, manifests itself in a remarkably neutral handling. The front-heavy handling characteristic of Yamaha crossers for years gave way to a more balanced set-up in the new MX1 bike. Incidentally, the electric starter works fine. Even after a provoked stall on the track, the single cylinder starts reliably. Questions about the suspension coordination still have to remain open. On the leveled sand runway of the presentation, neither the fork with conventional springs nor the shock absorber (both from Kayaba) were really challenged. One more word about the Enduros: Under the name EnduroGP Replica, both the WR 250 F and the WR 450 F are now offered with Akrapovic silencers, grip protectors and modified decor – and this at no extra charge to the standard version.

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