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Yamaha presented the new Tmax in the run-up to EICMA.


The new maxi scooter will roll onto the road in two versions in 2020.


The basic variant can be seen here.


The engine has been revised and now meets the Euro 5 standard.


In addition, it should have become lighter, more compact and more powerful.


The basic version is available in two paint finishes.


In addition, the scooter has become slimmer.


The rear, in particular, has decreased significantly.


The new Tmax rolls out to dealers in December.


The helmet compartment offers plenty of space.


The instruments have also been revised.


In addition to the basic version, a slightly better equipped version was also presented.


Tea "Premium"-Version is called Yamaha Tmax Tech Max.


Yamaha has given the Tech Max heated grips and heated seats, among other things.


Cruise control is also included as standard.


The USD fork is painted gold.


The color of the rims matches the USD fork.


Analog round instruments combined with a small digital display provide information in the Tmax cockpit.

Yamaha Tmax 560 and Tmax Tech Max (2020)

Powerful maxi roller in two versions

EICMA 2019

In the run-up to the EICMA in Milan, Yamaha presented two new high-end scooters: the new Yamaha Tmax 560 and the even better equipped Tmax Tech Max.

2001 saw the very first Tmax of Yamaha the light of day. Since then, the Yamaha scooter has established itself extremely successfully on the market. Since the market launch, over 275,000 units of the Tmax are said to have been sold in six model generations to date. Almost 18 years after the presentation of the "original" model, Yamaha has now presented two new versions of the maxi scooter in the run-up to EICMA: the Yamaha Tmax 560 and an even better equipped version called Tmax Tech Max.

More powerful engine, more modern design

In addition to a larger engine, Yamaha has given the two maxi scooters a fresh look and improved driving characteristics. The new, Euro 5-compliant two-cylinder engine now offers 560 cm³ displacement (previously: 530 cm³), and should also be lighter, more compact and at the same time more powerful. However, Yamaha has not yet given exact performance data. First we have to be satisfied with approximate percentages. The maximum output of 46 hp is said to have increased by 3.5 percent, which means that the new Tmax would then be just under 48 hp. In terms of maximum speed, the Yamaha engineers were able to get an increase of six percent. The maximum torque of the Tmax DX is currently 53 Nm at 5,250 rpm.

In general, the new Tmax in both model variations should be significantly sportier and at the same time lower in vibration and remain A2-compatible. In order to meet the Euro 5 standard, a new exhaust system was installed, among other things. The further developed, continuously variable transmission should further increase driving comfort.


Yamaha is relaunching the Tmax maxi scooter for the 2020 model year.

Yamaha has also slow a hand in the design. Overall, the two new model variants appear a bit more dynamic. Something should also change in terms of comfort. At least the subject of comfort enjoyed a relatively high priority in the development, according to Yamaha. The rear part of the scooter has become significantly slimmer, which should have a positive effect on getting on and off. In addition, the cladding has been redesigned so that the footrest areas can be reached more easily. As a result, the sitting position should now be even more relaxed. The newcomer also looks a bit slimmer compared to its predecessor.

Yamaha also made some adjustments to the chassis. Above all, the spring elements have been optimized here. For example, a 41 mm upside-down fork is now used at the front. The frame made of aluminum is reminiscent of counterparts that are used in conventional motorcycles.

Smart key system on board

Yamaha has also given the new Tmax some technical subtleties. This includes, for example, the so-called Smart Key System, with which the scooter can be unlocked and started without a key. Pilots can choose between two different driving modes, one of which is intended to excel especially when driving in the city. The second mode should support significantly sportier driving styles.


Under the seat there is space for one full face helmet or two open face helmets.

Also new are LED lighting elements, a new TFT display and a new safety system for the stand. One full face helmet or two open face helmets fit into the helmet compartment. The basic version of the new Yamaha Tmax will be available in dealerships in December 2019 and will be available in the colors "Icon Gray" and "Sword Gray". The price is not yet known.

Tmax Tech Max with more features

Yamaha goes one step further with the Tmax Tech Max, which has been upgraded in some points compared to the base model. The Tech Max offers everything that the normal Tmax can do.


The Tmax Max Tech gets a few extras compared to the basic model.

Yamaha has also given the Tech Max heated grips, heated seats, an upgraded display, adjustable rear suspension, gold USD fork, cruise control, connectivity to the mobile app “MyTmax-Connect” and an exclusive color variant called “Tech Kamo”. The Tech Max is also available in the "Sword Gray" paintwork. Yamaha has not yet commented on the price.

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