Race – Report and results of the MotoGP Thailand GP (Marquez world champion 2019) –


MotoGP Thailand GP report and results (Marquez 2019 world champion)

Race - Report and results of the MotoGP Thailand GP (Marquez world champion 2019) -

Marc Marquez caps at 26 his eighth motorcycle Grand Prix crown, his sixth in MotoGP, after a breathtaking battle with Fabio Quartararo in the last lap of the 2019 Thailand GP.

Maverick Viñales, distant spectator of this duel, completes the podium on his Yamaha. Summary, best moments and rankings.

The GP of Thailand, the fifteenth race of the 2019 MotoGP season, confirmed what qualifying suggests: Fabio Quartararo and Marc Marquez are currently playing at another level, which is sure to impress in view of the Yamaha rider’s rookie status Petronas !

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An example ? Fabio became on Saturday the youngest rider to win four pole positions in MotoGP – after Jerez, Barcelona and Assen – at only 20 years and 168 days! A new precocity record that he aims to transform with his first victory, as his authoritarian holeshot proves as soon as the lights go out.

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The Yamaha n ° 20 immediately sets a big pace ahead of Marc Marquez, firmly determined to seal his eighth world title on the top step of the podium. Strategically, following the French is a good option since the n ° 93 only has to finish on the podium in front of Dovizioso to be titled…

The two strong men at the end of the championship are followed by Viñales, Dovizioso, Morbidelli, Mir and Rossi who won a place. Jack Miller must start from the pit lane after stalling on the grid. All the pilots are on hard or soft tires, except Lorenzo who tries a medium at the front (soft rear): the Mallorcan, qualified 19th, has nothing to lose !

Marc Marquez quite easily passed Fabio Quartararo on the engine in the straight line at the end of the first lap, but the RC213V widened in the following straight line and regained its second place. Fabio understands the threat and accelerates, showing spectacular mastery as he rides MotoGP for the first time on the Chang International Circuit. !

A chronometric duel then began between the young Yamaha rider and the multiple Honda world champion: the "rookie" improved the race lap record in his fourth lap, immediately imitated by the MotoGP "captain". Fabio raised his tone again in 1’30.966 in the tenth lap, but Marquez replied in 1’30.904 just after: this will be the new record to be broken in Thailand !

Quartararo accumulates records

At this stage, Quartararo and Marquez have eclipsed any opposition: Viñales, lonely in 3rd place, is two seconds behind. The Yamaha official is far ahead of Dovizioso and Morbidelli, while Rossi is in a fight with the Suzuki of Rins and Mir more than five seconds behind the leader.

Race - Report and results of the MotoGP Thailand GP (Marquez world champion 2019) -

Further behind, Mika Kallio falls in turn 8 and gets up furiously: the Finn is playing his place as holder at KTM next year … Even further, Jorge Lorenzo is stationary on the Honda: the Mallorcan, stiff as a stake, just manages to dominate Abraham and Syharin! Bad pass also for Aleix Espargaro, forced to give up nine laps from the finish because of a technical problem.

The pressure at the front of the race climbed a notch four laps from the finish, when Marc Marquez again tried to pass Fabio Quartararo from the outside under braking from the pit straight line. This time again, the HRC rider brakes too late to be able to rope in front of the Yamaha !

But the Honda rider repeats the operation on the last lap … and this time manages to take enough lead over Fabio in the straight line to turn in front of him in the following right. To believe that he had hidden his game during his previous attempts, because this time it goes "cream" ! 

The French rookie, however, does not let himself be impressed and shoots his last card in the last corner: the Yamaha passes the Honda inside through fantastic braking, but comes out a bit wide. Marquez takes the opportunity to cross again towards the finish line … and his sixth MotoGP crown.

"I gave everything"

The maneuver was particularly spectacular because the two pilots entered this last right with the rear wheel raised, and even failed to collide when the factory RC213V passed in front of the private M1. !

Race - Report and results of the MotoGP Thailand GP (Marquez world champion 2019) -

Fabio crosses the line furious, screaming his frustration in his helmet: he touched it with the tip of the gloves his first victory! The n ° 20 quickly found a smile, aware of having delivered an irreproachable performance against an exceptional driver: Marquez became the third most successful driver in the premier class behind Agostini (8) and Rossi (7).

"I am really happy with the result, but also because I fought until the last corner", relates "El Diablo", who will end the season with unbridled engines. "If I hadn’t tried that, I wouldn’t have come home satisfied: I gave everything, and it will pay off in the end".

Championship point

Marc Marquez arrived at Buriram with 98 pts ahead of Andrea Dovizioso: his advantage dropped this Sunday to 110 units thanks to his victory and the discreet fourth place of his Italian rival, who scored only 43 pts in the four last races.

Race - Report and results of the MotoGP Thailand GP (Marquez world champion 2019) -

At the same time, the HRC prodigy scored 95 points with his second place in Great Britain, followed by a victorious treble in San Marino, Aragon and Thailand! With the exception of his fall in Austin – where he was largely leading – Marquez has always finished first (9 times!) Or second (5), never further. !

Add to that nine pole positions and you get a "season very close to being perfect" in the words of … Valentino Rossi, who sportingly emphasized this weekend that Marquez had reached his "top level: it is still very young but now has a lot of experience ".

The person, seated next to n ° 46, receives with satisfaction this relevant reflection from his "old friend"! The more so as the n ° 93 follows in the footsteps of the Italian: the last driver to have won the supreme title four races before the end was Rossi, in 2005.

Marc Marquez adds an eighth coronation to his record, with those obtained in 125 cc in 2010, in Moto2 in 2012 and in MotoGP in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018. The native of Cervera celebrates the event by making the ball return n ° 8 on a billiard table, then throwing a huge inflatable ball to the crowd: "this is my best season in MotoGP", he rejoices.

Honda is very – too – dependent on Marquez

The Catalan will be able to tackle the remaining events freed from the pressure of the title and pursue three new objectives: "to have fun" by seeking new successes, to subdue the opposition clearly expressed by Fabio Quartararo and to continue to actively develop the RCV 2020.

Because the Spanish hides obvious difficulties at Honda: if Marc Marquez wins everything, the other riders are struggling on the Tokyo bike. Takaaki Nakagami, second Honda rider in Thailand, finished 10th at 29.423 sec, while Cal Crutchlow – hampered by tendonitis – was only 12th at 33.216 sec.

Without Marquez, the HRC would be excluded from the Top 5! The same goes for the previous race in Aragon, where Marquez won while the second Honda rider – Cal Crutchlow – finished 6th at 10.4 seconds. The worst was the San Marino GP: Marquez’s victory, falls of the two LCR drivers who struggled like never before on the Italian track.

As for Jorge Lorenzo, his contribution continues to be below the worst fears of the HRC: the Mallorcan finishes the GP of Thailand in 18th place ahead of Abraham and Syarhin, 54.723 seconds behind his box neighbor. Or even further than the two previous events where his delay was about 46 sec…

Rossi threatened by Quartararo in the championship

If the title is acquired in Marquez, the fight continues to be open for the following places: Dovizioso is installed in second place with 48 points ahead of Alex Rins, who stripped in the race to move up to 5th place in front Morbidelli, Mir and Rossi.

 Race - Report and results of the MotoGP Thailand GP (Marquez world champion 2019) -

Maverick Viñales is eyeing the third final place occupied by the irregular Suzuki rider: thanks to his three podiums in four races, "Mack" is back to four small points from n ° 42 (163 pts against 167). Rins will have to achieve a flawless end of the season !

Danilo Petrucci – transparent since his 4th place in Germany – occupies 5th place provisionally with one unit behind Viñales (162 pts) and seventeen lengths ahead of Valentino Rossi, only 8th in this GP of Thailand.

The nine-time world champion finished this first round overseas in the unflattering position of the last Yamaha rider at the finish line, 19.162 seconds behind Marquez and one less breath on Quartararo. Rossi has not been on the podium since the GP of the Americas and has two consecutive eighth places…

His relative underperformance – what other 40-year-old champion goes so fast ?! – place him under threat from Fabio, who occupies 7th place with 143 points. Two short lengths now separate them, while the beginner is ahead of Miller (119 pts) for the title of best private pilot.

Next race in Japan on October 20, which will follow in quick succession with the Australian GP on October 27 and the Malaysian GP on November 3.

2019 MotoGP Thailand GP results

  1. Marc MARQUEZ Honda 39’36.223
  2. Fabio QUARTARARO Yamaha +0.171
  3. Maverick VIÑALES Yamaha +1.380
  4. Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati +11.218
  5. Alex RINS Suzuki +11.449
  6. Franco MORBIDELLI Yamaha +14.466
  7. Joan MIR Suzuki +18.729
  8. Valentino ROSSI Yamaha +19.162
  9. Danilo PETRUCCI Ducati +23.425
  10. Takaaki NAKAGAMI Honda +29.423
  11. Francesco BAGNAIA Ducati +30.103
  12. Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda +33.216
  13. Pol ESPARGARO KTM +35.667
  14. Jack MILLER Ducati +39.736
  15. Andrea IANNONE Aprilia +40.038
  16. Miguel OLIVEIRA KTM +40.136
  17. Tito RABAT Ducati +44.589
  18. Jorge LORENZO Honda +54.723
  19. Karel ABRAHAM Ducati +56.012
  20. Hafizh SYAHRIN KTM + 1’01.431

Not classified 

  • Aleix ESPARGARO Aprilia 9 Tours
  • Mika KALLIO KTM 23 Laps

Provisional MotoGP classification 2019

  1. Marc MARQUEZ Honda 325
  2. Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 215
  3. Alex RINS Suzuki 167
  4. Maverick VIÑALES Yamaha 163
  5. Danilo PETRUCCI Ducati 162
  6. Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 145
  7. Fabio QUARTARARO Yamaha 143
  8. Jack MILLER Ducati 119
  9. Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda 102
  10. Franco MORBIDELLI Yamaha 90
  11. Pol ESPARGARO KTM 80
  12. Takaaki NAKAGAMI Honda 74
  13. Joan MIR Suzuki 58
  14. Aleix ESPARGARO Aprilia 46
  15. Francesco BAGNAIA Ducati 34
  16. Andrea IANNONE Aprilia 33
  17. Miguel OLIVEIRA KTM 29
  18. Johann ZARCO KTM 27
  19. Jorge LORENZO Honda 23
  20. Tito FLAP Ducati 18
  21. Stefan BRADL Honda 16
  22. Michele PIRRO Ducati 9
  23. Sylvain GUINTOLI Suzuki 7
  24. Hafizh SYAHRIN KTM 7
  25. Karel ABRAHAM Ducati 5

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