Races – 2017 Moto2 Austrian GP results and standings –


2017 Moto2 Austrian GP results and standings

Races - 2017 Moto2 Austrian GP results and standings -

Much less tormented than the race in the Czech Republic last weekend, the Austrian Moto2 race gave rise to superb weapon passes between Luthi and Marquez. But Morbidelli was too strong…

Oliveira, him, a little too hot.

Morbidelli takes an excellent pass the poleman Pasini in acceleration. In the middle of the pack, Quartararo does not cross the first corner, falling with Manzi, Baldassarri and Virgo. Half a dozen other pilots leave the track but can start again, far behind the leaders…

Franco Morbidelli completed the first lap without a hitch ahead of Thomas Luthi, Mattia Pasini and Alex Marquez who moved away from the rest of the peloton made up of Francesco Bagnia, Isaac Vinales, Miguel Oliveira, Brad Binder, Takaaki Nakagami, Jorge Navarro, etc..

The four leading men fight to lead the race: Luthi tries an attack in the third corner of the 3rd lap but takes a short distance and lets his three rivals slip away. At just one second, Bagnaia is ahead of the two official KTMs of Oliveira and Binder, and Vinales.

The two machines of the VDS team are at the head of the race but Luthi is the fastest on the track. After passing Pasini, the Swiss rider gradually climbs back to Marquez. But Tom is a little too greedy on the brakes and struggles to win over Alex…

The fight between Luthi and Marquez allows Morbidelli to widen a gap of half a second after 8 laps … Behind the duettists, Pasini also multiplies the tiny blunders and loses contact. Conversely, Oliveira gets closer to the Italian, dragging Bagnaia in his wake.

Luthi cleverly buries the hatchet at the end of the first third of the race: he and Marquez immediately climb back onto the leader! But with 12 laps to go, Alex and Tom put it back: Luthi attacks on the brakes, Marquez responds to the acceleration and the two elbows in the next stretch !

In the background, the Portuguese n ° 44 overtakes the Italian n ° 54: Oliveira is a second and a half from the podium! A few lengths from Pasini now is his compatriot and friend Bagnaia … The Top 6 is far from being determined 10 laps from the checkered flag.

While Luthi and Marquez continue to bicker not far from Morbidelli, Oliveira sets the fastest lap in the race! The KTM rider turns half a second faster than the leader … Under pressure by his teammate for the first time in the race !

Tom takes advantage of Alex’s small gap to jump to second place but reproduces his mistakes on Francesco: too late on the brakes in the two hairpin bends at the start of the layout, the Swiss is easily overtaken when accelerating … Oliveira him, chained the records and joined the backsplash of Marquez !

With six laps to go, Morbidelli is building a small lead over Luthi, Marquez and Oliveira who are riding in group formation. The Austrian public supports the Portuguese driver (KTM!) But the unfortunate victim is the victim of a violent high-side in the rapid sequence of turns 6 and 7 !

Stunned by his fall – and by his motorcycle which gave him a big slap, gossips – Miguel leaves the gravel pit and joins an ambulance on his legs. Phew! On the track, the race suddenly calmed down. Morbidelli, Marquez and Luthi did not however see the terrible off track of their Portuguese competitor.

Like his Moto3 counterpart this morning, the leader of the Moto2 championship won the 2017 Austrian Grand Prix and now has 207 points! His rivals Marquez (second in the GP, third in the provisional) and Luthi (third and second …) neutralize each other, Oliveira temporizes, despite himself…

Races - Results and standings of the 2017 Moto2 Austrian GP -

Races - Results and standings of the 2017 Moto2 Austrian GP -

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