Scooter – Test Yamaha Tmax 560 2020: king of the urban jungle! – Tmax 560 test page 1: Yamaha will continue to sell a Max!


Lisbon (Portugal),

2020 Yamaha Tmax 560 test: king of the urban jungle !

Scooter - Test Yamaha Tmax 560 2020: king of the urban jungle! - Tmax 560 test page 1: Yamaha will continue to sell a Max!

With the motorcycle license and 14,000 euros in your pocket at a Yamaha dealership, you can opt for the exciting sporty YZF-R6, the villainous MT-10 roadster with 160 hp … or the new Tmax 560 in its luxurious Tech Max version !

MNC explains why choosing a scooter is far from crazy … even for a biker! Test.

Tmax 560 test page 1: Yamaha will continue to sell a Max !

Go through Lisbon (Portugal) at rush hour in R6 or MT-10 under freezing drizzle, wrists on fire on the sports car and license in suspense with each explosive restart on the roadster! At this moment, the candies stuck to the paper by the rain and the back loose, the idea of ​​investing 11,999 euros in the new Tmax 560 and 13,799 euros in its new Tech Max variant will seem less absurd to you …

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First of all because the benchmark for maxi-scooters – 330,000 sales since 2001, 84% of which in Europe! – knows how to receive, all the more so in the high-end Tech Max version: dealing with the rigors of winter would become almost pleasant thanks to its efficient handles and heated saddle as standard as well as its large electric windshield (adjustable on two heights with tools on the standard Tmax).

In the high position, this screen, easy to control from a switch on the left, forms a deflection sufficient to house the biceps, chest and shoulders as well as the entire helmet of a 1.75 m pilot. The apron forming a "total screen" for the legs and feet, only the gloves remain ultimately exposed for lack of hand protectors as on the main rival X-ADV.

Scooter - Test Yamaha Tmax 560 2020: king of the urban jungle! - Tmax 560 test page 1: Yamaha will continue to sell a Max!

Comfortably seated on its long soft saddle, legs (d) extended forward on its slanting steps and arms naturally directed towards its ideally designed handlebars, MNC wonders about the absence of these protective elements, however. so practical to deflect the air of mimines in winter.

“This is to preserve the sportiness of the lines,” replies Yamaha Europe’s two-wheeler manager, Clément Villet, before specifying that optional hand guards are available. It is true that the competitor Honda takes advantage of its unprecedented status of "scooter SUV" to integrate them in a completely natural way..

The Tmax 2020 gets a makeover

Because aesthetics is a key component in the incredible "success story" of Tmax which sells up to 5,000 units in France, its first market – ahead of Italy – with almost 30% of the world volume. The opinion of the French "Tmax-ists" therefore has a "Max" for Yamaha !

Scooter - Test Yamaha Tmax 560 2020: king of the urban jungle! - Tmax 560 test page 1: Yamaha will continue to sell a Max!

However, the stylistic turn taken by the previous one in 2017 – and its curves on the rear – did not appeal to this demanding clientele, also skeptical of the segmentation around three versions (standard, intermediate SX and top of the range DX). For 2020, Yamaha has therefore simplified its offer: the DX becomes Tech Max and the basic Tmax receives as standard two selectable maps like the old SX, which disappears..

This move also follows the plebiscite of the fully equipped model: the luxurious Tmax DX won 56% of sales last year, against only 9% for the standard (35% for the SX). In other words: the buyer of a Tmax wants the best of the best, regardless of the price. A bit like a certain German motorcycle which begins with "R1250" and ends with "GS": the two have in common a separate status, assimilated to an external sign of wealth.

The Tmax 560 therefore revives a less "bourgeois" silhouette, especially at the rear which has slimmed down and accommodates a "T" shaped LED light with the most beautiful effect. This modification does not only serve the aesthetic cause: the passenger also benefits from better accessibility and improved comfort (on the old model, the calves rubbed unpleasantly on the edges of the shell).

Scooter - Test Yamaha Tmax 560 2020: king of the urban jungle! - Tmax 560 test page 1: Yamaha will continue to sell a Max!

Fortunately, this loss of volume does not affect the size of the boot: a full face helmet and a jet always find their place in this lighted and carpeted space, whose opening assisted by two jacks is operated from the "Seat" command. on the front of the saddle. However, some competitors are doing much better in terms of load capacity, including on smaller displacement.

MNC also regrets that the apron has only one storage compartment (right side): impossible to install a second on the left because "the space is occupied by the battery", explains a Yamaha technician. You can console yourself with the central locking of this glove box in which a 50 cl bottle of water fits: pressing the handlebars or the keyless start remote control is enough to lock it, at the same time as the trunk..

This practical device is completed by the possibility of locking the central stand when it is unfolded to limit the risk of theft: a short press on the button located to the right of the handlebar cowling locks the steering, a long press locks the control unit. Well seen in view of the dishonest power of attractiveness of the most stolen scooter in France !

32 cc more, really ?

The Tmax 560 evolves slightly from a stylistic point of view, but also mechanically: its vertical twin cylinder goes from 530 to 562 cc to meet the new Euro5 standards without losing performance. This 2020 novelty – natively A2 – even claims a substantial gain of 1.6 hp (47.6 hp) and 2.7 Nm (55.7 Nm).

Scooter - Test Yamaha Tmax 560 2020: king of the urban jungle! - Tmax 560 test page 1: Yamaha will continue to sell a Max!

The reduction of its final belt transmission is also shortened to gain in force on the revivals. The new Tmax is thus better armed against the strongest of its rivals such as the BMW C650 Sport of 647 cc (60 hp and 63 Nm) and the Honda X-ADV of 745 cc (54 hp and 68 Nm). 

But as much to immediately break the suspense: its 32 cc are hardly noticeable, especially since they must also tow an additional 5 kg (218 kg against 213 in 2019, mainly due to the new catalytic devices imposed by Euro5). Those who hoped for a transcendent breakthrough in terms of peps will be hungry for more…

At the same time, is it really necessary? The maxi-scooter Yamaha indeed renews its immediate respondent, pledges of departures with a bang at the red light. Its start-up fishing alone justifies the presence of its traction control, which is much thinner and less castrating thanks to a relevant reconfiguration for 2020. 

The accelerations delivered are always as exciting, especially between 2500 and 5000 rev / min where the Tmax "plane" severe. Its times between 30 and 90 km / h have the dazzling speed necessary to extricate itself in a flash of traffic, while a good straight line allows it to easily reach the last graduation of the odometer (180 km / h at 7400 rpm / min, up "5 km / h" according to Yamaha).

Scooter - Test Yamaha Tmax 560 2020: king of the urban jungle! - Tmax 560 test page 1: Yamaha will continue to sell a Max!

Its performances are also served by two historic qualities: its characteristic "Broaaap" which increases the sensations tenfold despite its drop in intensity linked to Euro5. The 560 is slightly quieter than the 530 but certainly no less melodic: your neighbors will appreciate it! Note that the adaptable Akrapovic offered as an option delivers a less harmonious sound to MNC’s ears. To a good understanding, precisely !

The other strong point of the Tmax is its crystalline connection between its throttle and its 15-inch wheel (same at the front). The dosage of the accelerator is simply perfect, causing proportionate and immediate reactions between the right hand and the injection. An aspect which contributes greatly to the "removed" behavior quickly adopted on the Tmax … This instant responder of the "Twin Max" is magic, certainly, but also push-to-crime !

The belt transmission being transparent, silent and free of jerks, the mechanical approval is really pleasant and moreover more "padded" than the device with double clutch of the competitor X-ADV. MNC also appreciates the lower intensity of the small vibrations felt around 60/70 km / h, more present on the old model..

A fun scooter: yes sir, perfectly !

Despite its small weight gain, the Tmax 560 retains formidable maneuverability at low speed, aided by its extremely low center of gravity. Its precise and stable steering combined with an excellent turning radius allow millimeter maneuvers in traffic jams: the Tmax is a rapid decongestion weapon. !

Scooter - Test Yamaha Tmax 560 2020: king of the urban jungle! - Tmax 560 test page 1: Yamaha will continue to sell a Max!

Powerful and adjustable braking (front and rear), very correct ground clearance, fluid angle settings, immediate responsiveness to orders given to the handlebars or via an inclination of the bust: the Yamaha scooter identically renews its previous qualities. And for good reason: its cycle part is the same as in 2017/2019, with the notable exception of its suspension agreement.

Yamaha has optimized the calibration of its inverted fork (not adjustable) and its mono-shock (adjustable in preload on Tech Max only) and it is a success! The Tmax 2020 combines comfort and dynamism with insolent evidence, once again placing itself above the fray when it comes to handling.

Le Journal moto du Net was blown away by its ability to absorb the worst irregularities during our drive through historic downtown Lisbon: shabby cobblestones, prominent manhole covers, thick and poorly integrated rails of the famous tram. Next to it, the Place de l’Etoile is a velodrome !

Scooter - Test Yamaha Tmax 560 2020: king of the urban jungle! - Tmax 560 test page 1: Yamaha will continue to sell a Max!

Well maintained in spring, its damping offers moreover a hydraulic management to the small onions, far from the disordered and brittle reactions of certain competitors. Comfortable but rigorous, the new Tmax: its impeccably controlled mass transfers work wonders in the winding, as does the rigidity of its chassis inspired by motorcycles (double aluminum spars).

The Yamaha maxi-scooter is riveted to the ground and provides astonishing assurance, despite the damp spots still present on the small roads of the Portuguese hinterland. The opportunity to salute the remarkable grip of its Bridgestone Battlax SC tires, which proved to be considerate and effective in these tricky conditions..

Verdict: always at the Max !

The Yamaha Tmax 560 is an evolution – and not a revolution – of a concept that has massively seduced urban and peri-urban users for almost two decades. Evolution by small touches and above all dictated by a desire to rectify a moderately appreciated design and satisfy Euro5. In this, it is a transitional model before a real overhaul, probably scheduled for 2022.

Scooter - Test Yamaha Tmax 560 2020: king of the urban jungle! - Tmax 560 test page 1: Yamaha will continue to sell a Max!

In the end, the Tmax 2020 turns out to be very, very close to the Tmax 2019 despite its increased displacement and the integration on the standard version of two injection maps: T softer and S more responsive. A bit stingy to justify the 500 euros of inflation displayed by the standard Tmax above and Tmax Tech Max (Vs the old DX)…

But more than the increase, it is the total price that leaves MNC speechless: a scooter of 47.6 hp at 11,999 euros in the basic version and 13,799 euros in the high-end version, frankly, it stings. And to think that during this time, the excellent Tracer 900 GT is exchanged for 12,999 euros !

Certainly, Yamaha is aligned with the prices of its main competitors: the X-ADV is at 11,999 euros and the C650 at 11,750 euros. On the other hand, Kymco and Sym offer their AK 550 and Sym Maxsym TL at 9,980 euros and 7,999 euros respectively. And the Korean receives a TFT color matrix screen which is lacking at Tmax, especially in Tech Max version (on such a machine, the monochrome LCD screen surrounded by needles is not very "premium")…

Another advantage of these two challengers: lack of image, they arouse less covetousness from thieves. But the Tmax is not chosen to keep a low profile, on the contrary: as evidenced by the rather flashy golden rims and sleeves of the Tech Max and the countless "tuned" models with expensive parts (indicators, wheel arch, Full exhausts Barouf, neonfluorescent lights, carpet on the handlebars, dice in the mirror, shiny gold chain) !

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