Scooters – Eccity electric scooters connect with Dafy Moto – Used ECCITY MOTOCYCLES


Eccity electric scooters connect with Dafy Moto

Scooters - Eccity electric scooters connect with Dafy Moto - Used ECCITY MOTOCYCLES

Eccity Motocycles, French manufacturer of electric scooters based in Grasse (06), is developing its sales force and its notoriety thanks to a partnership with Dafy Moto, giant of motorcycle and biker equipment and accessories.

This agreement aims to approve the 170 Dafy stores "for the delivery, commissioning and maintenance of Eccity electric scooters".

"With this partnership, the Dafy networks can expand their clientele to the ever-increasing number of Eccity electric two-wheelers.", specifies Eccity Motocycles."By supporting its customers towards the latest electrical technologies, the Dafy network is strengthening its expertise and is also becoming a promoter of electromobility.".

Scooters - Eccity electric scooters connect with Dafy Moto - Used ECCITY MOTOCYCLES

Purchasers of these “battery-powered” scooters with their original design will therefore now have access to physical sales and repair points, in addition to Eccity’s direct sales network. A reassuring asset for the development of this French brand recently chosen by the city of Paris to replace its "aging captive fleet". Initiated in 2011, the Eccity range currently revolves around three models: Artelec 470 (50 cc thermal equivalent), Artelec 670 and Artelec 870 (125 cc thermal equivalents).

These scooters are assembled at the head office located in the Maritime Alps, from components from European partners. The mid-range, the Artelec 670 launched in 2013, would offer a range of between "75 and 120 km depending on use" after recharging via its on-board charger for "8 to 10 hours" on a household 220 V socket (chargers two to four times faster as an option). It is also distinguished by its reverse gear, very well seen for the urban use for which it is intended..

  • MNC of December 15, 2016 :

Described as the "only French manufacturer of electric scooters", Eccity has produced "more than 300 scooters" over the past six years for a total of "2 million km traveled in electric technology". The young tricolor brand is intended for its products for individuals as well as professionals and communities. Ultimately, its ambition is to become the "leader in electric mobility in Europe". In France, Eccity Motocycles will be able to rely on the recent incentive measure in the form of aid of € 1,000 for the purchase of an electric two-wheeler..

Promotional video of the Eccity Artelec 670

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