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The Ducati Multistrada 950 S will be available in a new paint scheme from July.


The new color is called "GP White".


The new paint job is only available for them "S."-Version of the bike.


The Multistrada 950 S can also be ordered in combination with wire rims in the new paintwork.


Ducati does not name a price. The red Multistrada 950 S is available from 15,395 euros.


For a multi in the new paint scheme, Ducati should charge a small surcharge.

Ducati Multistrada 950 / S

New paintwork for the S variant

Ducati has given the Multistrada 950 S a new paint job. The Italian travel enduro in the S version has also been available in the color version since July 2020 "GP White".

Update July 2020: The Ducati M.ultistrada 950 is not necessarily one of the very latest motorcycles on the German market. The Ducati 950 travel enduro was presented in its current form at EICMA 2018. In order to give the model a little more attention, Ducati has now introduced a new color variant for the S-version of the 950 Multistrada in July 2020, which can be seen above in the lead picture and in the picture gallery. The new paint is called "GP White" and is for both "Based"-Multistrada 950 S is also available for the variant with the spoke rims. Tea "normal" Multistrada 950, on the other hand, is still only available in a red livery. Multistradas with the new paintwork will be available from Ducati dealers from July. Ducati did not mention a price in the official press release. It can be assumed that multistradas with the new paintwork will cost a small surcharge. The prices for the red Multistrada 950 S start from 15,395 euros.

Numerous updates in the 2019 model year

In general, all Ducati Multistrada 950s were offered for the market launch in model year 2019 with an expanded range of assistance systems, which now also includes cornering ABS and hill start assist. In addition, there is a new shaped rear swing arm, new, lighter cast and spoke rims, self-resetting turn signals and an improved operating system and cornering light.

S version with more electronics

The new Multistrada S version was presented at the then EICMA, which includes the electronically controlled Skyhook landing gear, a blipper, a 5-inch TFT display in the cockpit and cruise control as standard. The new Multistrada 950 has been visually upgraded with side panels in the style of the 1260s. In addition, the hydraulic clutch actuation was designed for less effort. The rest of the 937 cm³ V2 remained untouched, the power of 113 hp and 96 Nm remained unchanged. A new, lighter, two-arm aluminum swing arm guides the rear wheel. A multimedia system can be adapted to all Multistrada 950.


From July 2020, the Multistrada 950 S will be available in a new paint scheme.

The basic Multistrada 950 is only available in Ducati Red, the S version has also been available in gray since the beginning. As mentioned at the beginning, the S is now also available in the paintwork "GP White offered". The prices for the new Multistrada 950 start at 13,345 euros, the S version is available from 15,395 euros (as of July 2020). If it is an S with spoke rims, the base price is 16,175 euros (as of 2020). The Multistrada 950 rolled out to dealers in March 2019.


The Ducati Multistrada 950 is still a good mid-range travel enduro, which was previously available in Germany in a maximum of two paint finishes. From July 2020, the S variant will now be available in an additional paint job called "GP White", which knows how to please optically.

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