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BMW presented the E-Power Roadster Concept at a technology workshop.


This is a pure prototype.


Charging is done via CCS via a socket in the top of the dummy tank.


In just under half an hour, the energy storage should be up to 80 percent full again.


A fat battery pack hangs in the steel tubular space frame.


The battery from the 2-hybrid model should have a capacity of 13 kWh.


The electric motor is flanged at the bottom in front of the rear wheel.


In the current configuration it delivers 100 kW.


But more performance is possible.


The prototype was allowed to show what it can do in the sprint duel.


The prototype is limited to a maximum of 160 km / h.


The handling of the 296 kg heavy electric model is sluggish.


No, we don’t see an upcoming production model here.

BMW E-Power Roadster Concept

First prototype of an e-motorcycle

BMW presented the E-Power Roadster Concept at a technology workshop in Miramas, France – a naked bike with a purely electric drive and a purely prototype.

KClear announcement from BMW in advance: Electrically powered two-wheelers will only be seen in urban areas in the near future, because only here is there a corresponding charging infrastructure. Nevertheless, the Bavarians are presenting a real big bike with the E-Power Roadster Concept on the test site in Miramas. The prototype is somewhat reminiscent of a BMW S 1000 R, but only a little. The front comes from the naked bike, the rear end from the R 1200 R, other parts from Roller C Evolution. A huge battery pack, an electric motor and all of the control electronics hang in the steel tubular space frame. The prototype thus largely follows the concept of a recently discovered BMW patent.

100 kW power, more is possible

In the configuration presented, with a speed limit of 12,000 tours, the electric drive, which comes from the 7-series hybrid model for China, is supposed to bring 100 kW and 200 Nm to the start. Up to 14,000 revolutions are possible. The power is transmitted via an input gear and cardan. The prototype is limited to 160 km / h, but 200 km / h should also be possible without any problems.


What the 296 kilogram prototype tears can be seen in acceleration drives, in which we were allowed to compete against a BMW test driver on an S 1000 R. He doesn’t stand a chance in the sprint to 100 km / h. In terms of weight, a good 30 kilograms should be able to be slimmed down without major problems.

Range up to 200 kilometers

However, BMW does not provide any information on the subject of range. According to the WLTC standard, however, around 200 kilometers should be possible with one charge of the 13 kWh energy storage device. Refueling is done via CCS (Combined Charging System), the charging socket is in the top of the dummy tank. In just under half an hour, the energy storage device, which is also installed in the BMW 2 Series Hybrid, should be filled up to 80 percent again – enough for another 180 kilometers. The biggest problem at the moment is the development of heat during fast charging. Unlike in a car, there is no room for active cooling on the motorcycle, so the charging power must be reduced accordingly. Solid cell technology could help here – but this is still a long way off.

What remains is an impressive idea of ​​the performance of an electric drive, but also the certainty that it is still a damn long way to go to series production in a motorcycle.

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