Statements – Bol d’Or 2017 – BMW n ° 48 Völpker NRT (4th): “Vielen Dank, thank you very much!” – Used BMW


21st Pictures


The new BMW F 800 R in white / blue …


BMW F 800 R..


BMW F 800 R..


BMW F 800 R..


BMW F 800 R..


BMW F 800 R..


BMW F 800 R..


BMW F 800 R..


BMW F 800 R..


BMW F 800 R..


Nice prospects: the beach looks good on the blue and white of the sea, and so does the white and blue of the F 800 R.

And she does stand alone.


BMW F 800 R..


… or black / blue.


She only looks ahead through a headlight – and says goodbye to the asymmetry.


The F 800 R is fired by a parallel twin, which ignites in a boxer rhythm.


An overview of the available color variations of the BMW F 800 R..


Made fast: The new front section is good for the F 800 R, the new fork looks important.


And the brakes keep what they promise.


She’s still squinting: The asymmetry in the cockpit has also been retained by the new R, the handlebars are new.


In the middle class, only middle class: The ESA button on the left end of the handlebar only adjusts the rebound of the shock absorber.


BMW F 800 R..

BMW F 800 R in the driving report

From the dusty Husqvarna shelf

What little things can do. The BMW designers find a batch of Nuda headlights on the dusty Husqvarna shelf – and whoosh, the now somewhat aged BMW F 800 R is turning into a trendy sweeper. Almost.

The farewell to Karl Dall takes place slowly but steadily. No, not from Karl Dall, he’s still cracking his jokes. What is meant is the asymmetrical headlight design, which was declared a credo by former BMW chief designer David Robb. It seems that it is slowly but surely moving into the evidence room of the Bavarian design errors and is stored there directly between the handlebar-mounted four-eye face of the R 1200 CL (Montauk) and the cyclops face of the unfortunate R 1200 ST . The new BMW F. In any case, 800 R only shines from a headlight – and that suits it better than the first pictures suggested.

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BMW F 800 R in the driving report
From the dusty Husqvarna shelf

48 hp version available free of charge

For those who had hoped that while browsing the Husqvarna shelf, the BMW product planners would also have come across the more powerful, agile, simply inspiring Nuda engine, this is not good news. For all those who were always satisfied with the relaxed and even power development of the 800 twin of the BMW F 800 R, especially since the current software update now shows 90 instead of 87 hp at the same nominal speed (8000 / min) in the vehicle registration document. This means that the new R is good, but not overly motorized, pushing it firmly up to around 5500 rpm, then noticeably increasing it again. However, also in terms of the vibrations and the mechanical background noise. No, this engine never shakes its power easily from the crankcase with its special swivel connecting rod as a mass balance. But it delivers reliably – the predecessor regularly delivered more power than promised on the test bench.

Around 90 hp and a maximum torque of 86 Newton meters at a wholesome 5800 rpm. That may not be exciting, but it is definitely enough for seasoned riders to be able to keep up with horsepower on the exit, while at the same time less experienced drivers are not overwhelmed. On the contrary: thanks to its unspectacular nature and steady power delivery, this engine makes faster than it feels. Especially for beginners (a 48 hp version of the BMW F 800 R is available free of charge) this is a great thing.

Different heights of benches for the BMW F 800 R.

The second modification of the drive unit is tailored precisely to this clientele. The bottom line is that a shorter secondary gear ratio and a longer gradation of gears four to six mean easier driving at low or even walking pace, because the engine speed is higher in the lower gears and there is no play with the clutch. A pleasant side effect: when the traffic light starts, the new BMW F 800 R is a little livelier than before. This in turn harmonizes well with the more active seating position because the conical aluminum handlebar is less cranked than before. The driver is now sitting noticeably more front-wheel-oriented, but no less comfortable, especially since the footrests are now ten millimeters lower and have moved forward by the same amount. At least smaller people will find a comfortable place with the seat height, which has also been reduced by ten millimeters, while drivers over 1.70 meters should definitely fall back on the high bench (820 instead of 790 millimeters), otherwise the knee angle will still be narrow. A low bench (770 millimeters) is also available.

When everyone is properly accommodated, nothing stands in the way of relaxed driving pleasure on the new BMW F 800 R. The chassis still shines more with its superb accuracy and neutrality than with lively handling, but inertia is not an F 800 R issue with the promised 202 kilograms with a full tank. Just as little as bad brakes. The predecessor was already able to delay, and the new one couldn’t do any worse with its four-piston calipers now radially bolted. Only a pronounced righting moment when braking in an inclined position drives you noticeably into the parade. And the rather soft rebound damping of the non-adjustable fork. However, this only applies if things go ahead with commitment, while the coordination is perfectly fine for those less in a hurry.

Naked bike

BMW F 800 R test

New BMW Roadster

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Fully equipped BMW F 800 R for just under 11,000 euros

“Why, there is ESA”, attentive readers will now object. That’s right, as an extra (315 euros) or in the touring package (see data). But: only the rebound of the shock absorber is set. A savings ESA, just like the traction control ASC has nothing in common with the DTC of its bigger siblings, but only represents a roughly regulating basic protection. You can’t expect more from BMW in this price range, even for a surcharge. On the other hand, the fact that a fully equipped BMW F 800 R ends up at just under 11,000 euros does.

Interview with Ulrich Ast


Ulrich Ast (35) is a qualified electrical engineer and product manager of the BMW F 800 R and F 800 GT.

MOTORCYCLE:  Ulrich, how and when do you decide at BMW to revise a model? What are the criteria?

U. branch:  Of course, every model goes through a certain life cycle, and you start thinking about how you can generate new impulses. In 2009 we came with the Roadster, in 2012 we had a slight revision with new side panels, now the major model revision was due.

MOTORCYCLE:  The current sales success does not play a role in these considerations?

U. branch:  They certainly play a role, but then it’s more short-term actions. For larger measures like in this case you will of course also need a certain development time.

MOTORCYCLE:  Let’s stick with the cycle. What depends on the direction in which a new model is developed?

U. branch:  Of course, customer feedback is very important first. Then we read the press reviews carefully and of course we watch the market. What is the competition doing, do they have any innovations that we have to react to? And what does our market research say? There are many points that then form a picture.

MOTORCYCLE:  Was there a central point on the agenda for the new BMW F 800 R.?

U. branch:  No, rather a lot of small ones. Of course, headlight design was an issue. The asymmetry has not found the acceptance in the roadster market that we had hoped for.

MOTORCYCLE:  So now the Nuda headlight. There were also thoughts of taking the great engine with you?

U. branch:  We are certainly wondering whether there is a concept in which we can do something with this engine. However, nothing is planned, not even for the BMW F 800 R. With this engine it would be positioned far too pointed. That’s precisely the strength of the BMW F 800 R, that I can use it to reach a wide range of customers – from beginners to experienced drivers.

BMW F 800 R series


No question about it, in terms of image they are in the shadow of the overpowering R and the brilliant S models, the small two-cylinder models. And yet they are a constant. BMW has sold an impressive 206,189 F models worldwide since the BMW F 800 S was launched in 2006; in Germany the figure was 39,759. The absolute top seller was – whoever else – the BMW F 800 GS with almost 70,000 units worldwide. That is almost double what was brought to man or woman from the BMW F 800 R. In Germany, on the other hand, the little roadster was very close to the GS.

But back to global success: There were still numerous derivatives in GS history, starting with the Adventure version (6483), through the F 650 GS with two-cylinder (35,697) and the current F 700 GS (15,352), which must be added , while the BMW F 800 R is flanked by the touring offshoots ST and GT.

Technical data BMW F 800 R


Water-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, two overhead, chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder, rocker arm, dry sump lubrication, injection, 2 x Ø 46 mm, regulated catalytic converter, 400 W alternator, 12 V / 12 Ah battery, mechanically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, Six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain, secondary ratio 2.470. 

Boron x stroke


Compression ratio

rated capacity

Max. Torque

82.0 x 75.6 mm

798 cc

12.0: 1

66.0 kW (90 PS) at 8000 rpm

86 Nm at 5800 rpm


landing gear

Bridge frame made of aluminum, upside-down fork, Ø 45 mm, hydraulic steering damper, two-arm swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut, directly hinged, adjustable spring base and rebound damping, double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, four-piston fixed calipers, disc brake at the rear, Ø 265 mm, single piston -Swimming saddle, ABS. 

Cast aluminum wheels


3.50 x 17; 5.50 x 17

120/70 ZR 17; 180/55 ZR 17


Dimensions + weights

Wheelbase 1526 mm, steering head angle 64.0 degrees, caster 100 mm, suspension travel f / h 125/125 mm, seat height 790 mm, empty weight 202 kg, permissible total weight 405 kg, tank capacity / reserve 15.0 / 4.0 liters. 


Performance variant


Price / additional costs

Price dynamic / tour / safety package

two years

35 kW (48 hp)

Blue / white, white, black / white, blue / black

8900/390 euros

305/510/715 euros *

* Dynamic package: LED lights, engine spoiler, passenger cover;

Tour package: heated grips, on-board computer, main stand, luggage rack, suitcase holder, socket;

Safety package: ESA, RDC, ASC

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