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Accessories specialist Hornig has tied the BMW F 850 ​​GS.


Only components from the Hornig range are used.


The F 850 ​​GS celebrated its premiere in 2018.


The handlebar is now a little higher.


For the paintwork, Hornig decided on a matt blue color.


The exhaust system comes from Remus.


New features include a windshield and protective bar.

BMW F 850 ​​GS conversion by Hornig

Sharpened travel enduro

Accessories specialist Hornig has done it again and upgraded a new BMW model. This time the BMW F 850 ​​GS has been refined with some sharper components.

In 2018, BMW brought the F. 850 GS launched a new travel enduro from the mid-range segment. Almost a year later, accessories specialist Hornig grabbed the bike and upgraded it in some places. Hornig has given the F 850 ​​GS a matt blue finish. Also new is a slightly tinted windshield, a mirror extension and a GPS mount. The display was also covered with a special protective film, which is intended to keep dirt away, especially when driving off-road.

Converted seat and handlebar riser

The upholstery has also been rebuilt, which should make the sitting position even more relaxed. The handlebar riser by 25 mm should provide additional driving comfort. In addition, the handlebars have been optically upgraded thanks to a new steering head cap including an emblem. Hornig has placed a 25 liter tank bag on the tank. The further adjustments are likely to be particularly noticeable in the off-road terrain. Fork pads, engine crash bars and fairing protection bars should provide better protection in the event of a fall. A new fender serves as a splash guard. In addition, the shift and brake levers have been enlarged. Thanks to a side stand foot enlargement, the GS should stand securely even on uneven ground.


Hornig has given the BMW F 850 ​​GS lots of new components from its own range.

Last but not least, Hornig has given the BMW F 850 ​​GS a new exhaust system from Remus. Incidentally, all of the installed parts are in the Hornig range. If you want to convert your GS in a similar way, you will find the corresponding components in the Hornig webshop.

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