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Ducati wants to regain the record on Pikes Peak in 2018 and has set up a new team of two for this purpose.


Ducati Multistrada models are again used.


Ex-record holder Carlin Dunne is on board again.


The current mid-range record holder Codie Vahsholtz is new to the team.


The Multistrada 1260 was heavily modified for the hill climb.


After the renovations, they should be the fastest multistradas in the world.


Freed from all emission standards, there should be well over 160 hp on board.


Magnesium forged wheels from O.Z. replace the standard wheels.


Termignoni contributed the titanium exhaust systems.


All unnecessary components such as engine protection, mirrors, lighting or hand protectors have been omitted.


At the end of the day, of course, the class win and a new record for Ducati should jump out.

Ducati Multistrada 1260 for Pikes Peak

Dunne on Ducati wins ahead of KTM

Ducati took back the two-wheeler title at the legendary hill climb on Pikes Peak. The Italians had prepared two very special Multistrada 1260s for this.

When it was "Race to the Clouds" in Colorado on June 24, 2018 for the title again "King of the Mountain" went, the two were probably the fastest D.ucati Multistrada 1260 at the starting line that the world has ever seen. The Italians wanted to get back the title on the mountain. This plan also worked. In the heavyweight class, Carlin Dunne was able to clinch victory with a time of 9: 59.102 minutes. A new record, as it had been secretly set for it, did not become it.

As early as 2012, driver Carlin Dunne was able to set the record in the heavyweight motorcycle class on a Multistrada 1200 with 9: 52.819 minutes. In 2017 KTM countered and set a new best time with driver Chris Fillmore on a 1290 Super Duke R with 9: 49.625 minutes.

Wunderlich takes places 5 and 6


Thilo Günther and Lucy Glöckner from the Wunderlich team took 5th and 6th place.

At the top, the battle between Ducati and KTM raged at the 2018 event. Behind Dunne, Rennie Scaysbrook on the KTM 1290 Super Duke R took second place with a time of 9: 59.794 minutes. Third was record holder Chris Fillmore with a time of 10: 04.038 minutes. This time was particularly impressive as Fillmore competed in the middle class on a KTM 790 Duke. The ex-AMA Pro Superbiker was able to clearly outperform Codie Vahsholtz on the second Multistrada 1260 and a time of 10: 12,703 minutes.

Ranks 5 and 6 went to the German Wunderlich team. Thilo Günther achieved 10: 16.637 minutes on his BMW S 1000 R, Lucy Glöckner achieved 10: 21.932 minutes on her BMW S 1000 R..

Weight down, performance up

To underline its claim to the title, Ducati relied on a team of two in 2018. In addition to the former record holder Carlin Dunne, the current middle class record holder Codie Vahsholtz join the team.


Carlin Dunne (left) and Codie Vahsholtz (right) drove the Multistradas.

But the vehicle side has also been upgraded. To this end, the Multistrada was first prescribed a strict diet: numerous parts that were not necessary for driving were dismantled. The engine protection, hand protectors, mirrors and all lighting elements were no longer required. For the wheels, magnesium forged rims from O.Z. converted. Termignoni contributed the titanium exhaust system. Race Tech put another hand on the Öhlins suspension elements.

The brake update includes new calipers and a new master brake cylinder. New footrest systems should increase the lean angle and optimize the sitting position.

Of course, the engine is also topped up. Because there is no Euro4 stranglehold in the Pikes Peak race, the Ducati engineers were allowed to freely program the engine control. The 1260 Multistrada comes as standard with 158 hp and 129.5 Nm. Ducati did not announce the level of performance the Pikes Peak Multistrada reached.

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