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12th Pictures


Ducati scrambler creation by MOTORRAD brand manager Marcel Leichsenring.


And another customized urban enduro in a camouflage look.


The adjustments have increased the price of the Scrambler to just under 12,500 euros.


The Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro, designed by online editor Slawomir Niewrzol, looks similar to the base model.


The Ducati Scrambler Icon in this configuration would cost 12,369.93 euros.


And another scrambler variant from Dina.


The Sixty2 creation by online editor Dina Dervisevic costs just under 8,100 euros.


The smaller scrambler models can also be customized.


Price: 16,263.80 euros.


Editorial assistant Iris Schaber has opted for a darker version with yellow accents.


The Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle costs just under 14,300 euros in this configuration.


Price: just under 12,000 euros.

Customize Ducati Scrambler

According to my taste

For all those for whom the Ducati Scrambler is not individual enough, Ducati has developed a new configuration tool. With the Ducati Configurator, the six available Scrambler models can be designed according to your own preferences.

In the scrambler configurator, interested parties can choose from almost 60 accessories. The parts are selected using the plus sign and virtually mounted on the scrambler. The six Scrambler models Sixty2, Urban Enduro, Full Throttle, Icon, Classic and Flat Track Pro can be configured. Depending on the basic model, different customization options are available. The fancy tank fairing shells cannot be used for example S.Select crambler Sixty2 and Scrambler Flat Track Pro. Of course, the additional equipment can make the price of the Scrambler soar.

You can find out what an individualized scrambler can look like in the picture gallery attached above. Some MOTORRAD employees let their imagination run wild and created more or less tasteful scrambler variants. The Ducati Scrambler Configurator can be found under the following link: http://configurator.scramblerducati.com/bikes/de/de/scrambler/

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