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Paolo Tessio.

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Paolo Tessio.

This concept bike is called Ducati S2 Braida.

Paolo Tessio.

The Italian design Paolo Tessio conceived the bike.

Paolo Tessio.

The concept drawing is not entirely new – it was already put on paper in 2012.

Paolo Tessio.

When it comes to tires, the Tessio relies on tires from Michelin.

Paolo Tessio.

Most of the paintwork is gray.

Ducati S2 Braida by Paolo Tessio

Concept bike from Italy

With the Ducati S2 Braida, the Italian designer Paolo Tessio has created an unusual concept bike that we don’t want to withhold from you.

Ducati fans had to wait a long time for a new Streetfighter model. Last year the prayers of the Ducati disciples were finally increased and the traditional Italian manufacturer presented the brand new one D.ucati V4 Streetfighter, which relies on the drive from the Panigale and brings a whopping 208 hp to the data sheet. But a few years earlier, various designers had thought about what a new Ducati Streetfighter might look like. One of these designers is the Italian Paolo Tessio, who put the Ducati S2 Braida presented here on paper back in 2012.

Short rear and a rather unfamiliar front

The Ducati S2 Braida looks very naked at first glance. For his concept bike, Tessio opted for a rather unusual arrangement of the exhaust system. The frame also plays a major role in the design. Otherwise, the designer has apparently borrowed some elements from the Ducati Monster 796, as can be seen, for example, from the single-sided swing arm and the L-twin engine. In contrast, the Italian designer uses Öhlins for the spring elements. Tessio relies on tires from Michelin for its concept bike.

Paolo Tessio.

The Ducati S2 Braida was designed by Paolo Tessio.

When designing the tank, the designate opted for an angular shape. The front part of the motorcycle is particularly noticeable at first glance. The stern, on the other hand, is rather short – the pilot has to sit on a narrow and short bench. The cooler, which was placed in front of the fork, also occupies an unusual position on the S2 Braida. Tessio mainly uses gray color elements for the paintwork. Here and there you can also see white spots of color. The name "S2" can also be seen in some places on the bike. Incidentally, the Ducati S2 Braida is not the only work by the Italian designer. On his Texmotorbikes website, the Italian also shows numerous other concepts that are also impressive.

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