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Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle, Yamaha Vmax and the new Ducati XDiavel S tested on the drag strip.


…both sides.


The highlight: polished (housing) cover and cooling fins despite water cooling. The bore and stroke of the 60-degree V2 are almost identical to the Duc.


Major Tom (forever 49): “Wacky: a real Harley – finely machined, polished and brushed metal everywhere. But also with real performance. Their extreme chassis geometry demands determination in curves "


Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle.


Learning by burning: The planet is burning! The only question is who goes crazy on this monster macho bike: rear tires or sensory impressions?


"Time to Ride – this is Vmax" is greeted when you switch on the ignition.


Full width: the air scoops spread your legs quite nicely. Grabbing the bull by the narrow handlebars is damn pleasurable.


Really clean: powerful gimbal fist. Real feeling without momentary support. Really awesome: lots of power, no traction control.


Yamaha VMax.


Power plant or power cube? A real reactor! The 65-degree V4 is one of the most powerful motorcycle engines on the planet: sophisticated and potent!


Farmer-Jo (40 plus X): “Powerful: Whether the Vmax looks intimidating or impressive is entirely up to the driver’s ability to drive. Stepping on the gas is a fulfillment – this strong push is wonderfully unreasonable "


Mix of styles: clean toothed belt, polished aluminum swingarm, flat stereo struts with little spring deflection, long exhaust bags…


Blooming handlebar landscapes: Classically inspired round clocks pamper the eye. A Harley with a red area at 9000 rpm.


Scene like from Dusk Till Dawn.


The point of striving: to move quickly from the spot. The incomparable Yamaha Vmax can do this particularly well.


Uplifting feeling: The first Ducati with toothed belt tears mightily at the same.


The dominant, wonderfully milled rear wheel rim only bears the "S".


Brightly milled covers serve as a style element for the 90-degree V2. They are reminiscent of brass knuckles and, like the short exhaust pipe, represent violence.


Divided into two parts: The two illuminated rocker switches have the menu under control even at night, from cruise control to driving mode.


Free-swinging: colorful TFT instruments with plenty of functions below and indicator lights above the handlebar.


Trapper Sven (39 plus X): “Iron horse: I’m actually a cowboy – steel horse and saddle, I don’t need anything else. If I’m not allowed to give the Ducati a spur, I can grow asparagus right away "


Ducati XDiavel S.


Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle: Long, low and strong – long, flat and strong.


A V-Rod is and remains the most powerful US iron for almost 15 years. Even if others are pushing more torque: Something’s going on!


After leveling comes the stroll. Here while posing at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin Mitte.

Ducati XDiavel S, Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle and Yamaha Vmax in comparison test

Sympathy for the Devil

Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle and Yamaha Vmax meet the new Ducati XDiavel S celebrate the big entrance in the test: on the quarter as well as on the show mile. A life between burnouts and traffic light sprints, between leveling and strolling.

It’s a scene like in the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn". Bundles of glistening sunbeams break through a brick wall that has been pitted by the ravages of time. Pillars of light inside the huge hall bath the three motorcycles Ducati XDiavel S, Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle and Yamaha Vmax in a spooky atmosphere. Biting smoke all around, apocalyptic mood. Just like in that cult film. Twenty years ago he finally made George Clooney a world star, and he also showed director Quentin Tarantino in front of the camera. Together they had to fight off an armada of vampires – and the light that fell after sunrise was very welcome.

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Ducati XDiavel S, Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle and Yamaha Vmax in comparison test
Sympathy for the Devil

Power cruiser, dragster, muscle bike

It is the power awakening. Everything serves unleashed getting from the spot to make maximum meters in the shortest possible time. These are three unmistakable motorcycles from three continents: The Ducati XDiavel S is considered the first official cruiser from Bologna. The Harley-Davidson V-Rod was the US forge‘s first water-cooled model in 2002. The Muscle version followed in 2009. Since the same year, the Yamaha Vmax metal has become a vision of power without end. Power cruiser, dragster and muscle bike – or a bit of everything.

Those who have never done it turn up their nose at the drag strip, this sprint quickie probably just turns up. Should that be sport? Oh yeah! Because it means total tension and concentration: at the starting light, engage at the exact moment with a slightly slipping clutch at half the rated speed, while the rear tire is whimpering for traction. Bow down, shift up – and after a good ten seconds the pleasure is over, the quarter mile has flown by. Americans love the show over 402.34 meters. A demanding challenge, even with the civil, StVO-compliant variant: the traffic light sprint, red – yellow – green – go! Sure, you don’t have to prove anything in the saddle of a Ducati XDiavel S, Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle or Yamaha Vmax. You could if you wanted to. But paying homage to the god of acceleration every now and then is the icing on the cake for people with “burnout syndrome”. Then Dr. Jekyll to Mister Hyde, the poserbike to the bulldozer. Who is ahead? Please refer "Drag strip".

Ducati XDiavel S


Uplifting feeling: The first Ducati with toothed belt tears mightily at the same.

With a lot of effort, Ducati developed the slimmer, sleeker, more wiry Ducati XDiavel S from the famous Diavel. For a lower, more elongated silhouette, the newly designed seat slid 75.5 centimeters deep, while the larger 18-liter tank was shallower. The wheelbase has become longer and the fork is flatter (60 degrees steering head angle). Low, crouched and muscular. The new, three-part aluminum single-sided swing arm has become shorter, as has the tubular space frame; the XDiavel is now tearing at Ducati’s timing belt for the first time. The rear and front frame are bolted directly to the cylinder heads. More stroke pumps the Testastretta from the Multistrada from 1198 to 1262 cubic – cruisers need displacement.

And real pressure. This is guaranteed by higher compression (13: 1) and the variable valve control DVT, each with an optimal amount of valve overlap. Huge coolers in front of the front cylinder give a clear view of the cylinder L, which is in the center: the water pump and lines have been moved inside, making the V2 look clean and dominant. Italian elegance and coolness characterize the graceful Ducati XDiavel S. It casts shadows even in complete darkness. Your eight-inch rear wheel is a work of art, with spokes attached to the outside of the rim. The 90-degree V2 sounds rather restrained in idle. He still chops in the upper gears under 3000 tours.

Homologated according to Euro 4

But only 1000 revolutions later, a lush 120 Newton meters pile up. Above it is over with the acoustic restraint, the most revving of the three engines storms rapidly to just before the 10,000 mark, pushes a whopping 157 hp before the limiter pinches. Here two mighty 106 pistons beat a rousing heartbeat. Just a hammer, as it pushes from medium speeds. Fat! Only the Ducati XDiavel S is already homologated according to Euro 4 and has three driving modes and traction control that can be switched off.

The Bolognese devil takes a bearish step, goes right forward, paired with – for a Ducati – smooth running (belt drive!). What are sporty drivers missing? A shift assistant. The left foot has more to do than on the Yamaha Vmax, and not just because of the six gears. After all: Anyone who really wants to know everything at the traffic lights with maximum propulsion will be pleased with the Ducati Power Launch (DPL) start-up assistant: Simply accelerate (a lot) and let the smooth, hydraulic clutch come – the amount of wheelies and slippage on the fat 240cc – Rear slack then regulates the electronics in three different support levels. Gentleman and bastard – the beautiful Ducati XDiavel S is a beast.

The pillion lacks support

Tea Ducati XDiavel S rolls nimbly, handy and willing to turn. Turning in is easy. The Diablo Rosso II developed for the standard Diavel with a very round contour pays off. You can drive quickly on well-developed country roads. The footrests only scratch from a tilt of 40 degrees. In this trio, these are the shortest wheelbase, the steepest fork and the smallest caster. And, as is typical of the brand, the lowest weight: a delicate 250 kilograms. The black being moves harmoniously from the other star on its path. Only on bad roads does the wide rear tire develop a disturbing self-steering momentum.

The carbon-coated upside-down fork is extremely responsive. The rear suspension also keeps rough blows away from the bottom. Only on really rough asphalt, cobblestones and potholes does the directly hinged shock absorber become more stubborn. The sitting position in the large, strongly contoured seat pan was comfortable. The handlebars, which are 90 centimeters wide, are easy to handle. Embrace the wind! Despite the fact that the footrests are far forward and can be adjusted to three positions, this is both an active and a casual position. Not so for a passenger: the passenger on the Ducati XDiavel S lacks support. A sissy bar is standard equipment, a larger pillion cushion is available as an option.

Brembo M 50 monoblocks snap shut, as aggressive as a hungry alligator. On the one hand, these are the best brakes of the trio, on the other hand, a fine dose requires concentration. The modern cornering ABS from Bosch is praiseworthy, the LED daytime running lights of the S version are modern. The Ducati XDiavel S is 23,000 euros expensive, but as a power cruiser of the 21st century it will surely find many devil worshipers.

Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle


Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle: Long, low and strong – long, flat and strong.

Born to be mild? No way! Like a dragster, the Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle puts on thick pants. Together with her sister Night Rod Special, it has the most powerful US motorcycle engine. Nevertheless, real 126 hp (nominally 121) are only enough for the bronze medal in this Trio Infernale. So what? The short-stroke “Revolution” engine originally came from the factory racing machine VR 1000, but was adapted by Porsche for road use. Its characteristics: water cooling, dohc, four valves each, 60 degree cylinder angle and red area at 9000 turns. Modern for US bikes, not classic enough for many youngsters of air-cooled long-stroke Harleys.

The V2 of the Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle with its pretty cooling fins wakes up with a rustle. The 1247 cubic V-Twin hangs on the gas in a fine, elastic manner and with little change in load, developing its performance smoothly and evenly. But the clean 307-kilo chunk is by no means a girl’s motorcycle. Even lifting it into the vertical takes strength. Forget cute.

The Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle flexes its muscles up to 8000 turns, and only after the 7000 mark does it consistently push less than the Ducati. The design of the strongest Harley, model code VRSCF, got long and low. The drag-style fenders are tight at the front and massive at the rear. An angular, 70 centimeter low bench allows support on the quartermile thanks to the backrest.

Finds his own lines, stands up

The sitting posture on the Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle looks like a jackknife – legs and arms have to stretch far to footrests and forged handlebar halves. Rhythm & Blues. The attention to detail is extravagant: heaps of brushed aluminum in contrast with chrome gloss and fine milled parts. Small works of art are the LED indicators that are elegantly integrated into the mirror holder and the narrow LED taillight strip above the fender. The exhaust manifold and handlebars gleam thickly.

The chassis geometry turned out to be extreme: 56 degrees flat, pardon: the fork is standing, 142 millimeters of caster are ultra-long and 1.70 meters of wheelbase. If you’re still driving in Berlin, the front wheel is already rotating in Potsdam. The Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle works on the long straights of the capital, such as the east-west axis from Straße des 17. Juni to Frankfurter Allee. It gets difficult in corners. The American slingshot understeers in tight radii. The flat iron carries a large 19-inch Roller at the front and a 245-inch Roller with a low, 40-inch cross-section that looks like a passenger car. It hugs every bump and ruts, looks for its own lines, stands up.

If the Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle has been forced on course, its footpegs are the first to take sparkling asphalt samples. American way of grinding. In the Harz or on Kyffhäuser the Harley would have to let the other two power cruisers pull. Short 74 millimeters of spring travel of the very angled stereo struts set tight limits on pustular coating. Upside-down fork and ABS Brembo brakes work well for this. Upside down world: A Harley is the cheapest motorcycle in a three-way comparison. In any case, the unconventional V-Rod Muscle is anything but ordinary.

Yamaha Vmax


Learning by burning: The planet is burning!

Martial and powerful: The Yamaha Vmax looks big, almost intimidating. Tea first production motorcycle with a nominally 200 hp is a power icon, steam and battle announcement. Everything about this Biggest Banger looks sturdy and consistent. The steering head, cardan shaft and the knobbly four exhausts are generously dimensioned. “Time to Ride – this is Vmax” she greets you when you switch on the ignition. You notice 315 kilograms when maneuvering. The huge air scoops on the dummy tank spread your legs wide. Über-Yamaha tells you where to go from the start.

The 1679 cubic power cube, developed exclusively for the Yamaha Vmax, is a cathedral of power. Her Creed: Praise be for the pressure. It already sounds bassy in idle. The message is auspicious – this is where brutality lives, filled to the point with pure power! But the V4 also runs silky-cultivated in the lowest rev range, and can be accelerated smoothly in the final fifth gear at 1500 tours. 120 Newton meters already at 2500 rpm, a maximum of 167. And up to 196 hp, depending on the gear engaged. Mad Max! The length of the intake funnel is varied depending on the engine speed to promote power.

Real feeling, without traction control protectors

Full 100 hp on the rear wheel flood the “narrow” 200 tire in the fifth at a speed of 110. The other two candidates need between 150 and 160 km / h in the last gear. Attention: In contrast to the Ducati XDiavel S, this Yamaha serves its ample torque completely real, without traction control contraceptives. Depending on the riding ability and the condition of the road (rain!), The Yamaha Vmax is crazy to overpowering: Once you hit the gas quickly in third gear at the roundabout, the rear wheel spins quickly – be careful not to be overtaken by the wildly wrenching rear. This is pure passion, polarizing, raw and unfiltered. Take it or leave it.

Top speed, Vmax, is a minor matter: at 220 km / h it is cordoned off. No, it’s about the most brutal acceleration. To get distilled performance from the Big Block V4. To this day, the Yamaha Vmax holds the title of the strongest production motorcycle with the highest speed from zero to 100. Even with casual intermediate sprints, the Vmax hardly knows any opponents. “The way it pushes, it’s simply sensational,” says stuntman Jo Bauer, delighted about the explosion on wheels. Okay, cardan reactions are noticeable, but the engine itself runs with little load change.

The Yamaha Vmax rests comfortably on its suspension, the telescopic fork with its carbon-coated 52 mm stanchions is smooth. Despite the narrow handlebars, the buzzing hum follows the first steering impulse willingly and obediently. But similar to the Harley, they take bumps a little off course when leaning. Then you have to fight the Yamaha down. Despite the ultra-long wheelbase, the same length as the V-Rod, the Vmax is more willing to turn. But it is definitely not for beginners, it needs strength and experienced pilots in the long run. The six-piston stoppers anchor bite-proof and easy to dose, without being angry biteers. It takes you on an unforgettable trip, the Vmax. Cruising or Burning? Both are possible. If you can. Once in a lifetime you should have ridden this bull on wheels. When his shift light is on, your soul flies into the light! Dear motorcycle god: Please let this firebird on wheels continue to circle with Euro 4 in the coming years.


Ducati XDiavel S: Strong appearance! A power cruiser of the 21st century! The elegant Duc not only drives, but moves. Outrageously beautiful, but also disproportionately expensive. That ensures exclusivity. In terms of chassis, brakes and driving aids, the XDiavel S garnered top marks.

Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle: Strong concept! It turns out that Harley’s V-Rod family was ahead of its time. Even if the Muscle has to be overtaken here, it has what it takes to become a cult classic, cool and casual. It is certainly not just a cornering cruiser.

Yamaha Vmax: Strong piece! Inimitably potent and wonderfully unreasonable, the Vmax embodies the Corvette among motorcycles: incredibly strong and somewhat thirsty, but thanks to the half-V8 also powerfully cultivated. Always a fascinating and unique experience.

Technical specifications


After the leveling comes the stroll. Here while posing at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin Mitte.

Here you can see an extract of the technical data. If you would like the complete measurement values ​​determined by us, including all consumption, torque and acceleration values, you can buy the article as a PDF for download.

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