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In the mid-1980s, a 600cc Honda single in the Egli frame caused a sensation, also because the company Target-Design designed the exterior.


The fiery red, “only” 44 hp single, breathing through an open funnel, ensures decent driving performance in the light Egli Target.


Contrasts: modern aircraft fuel cap meets upright XL 600 cockpit.


Lever for choke, decompression and clutch.


Noble ingredients: Campagnolo magnesium wheels with effective Brembo brakes.


The idiosyncratic splash guard at the rear meets the requirements of the TÜV at the time.



The magical abbreviation RFVC, emblazoned on the Honda engine, describes the four valves arranged radially above the combustion chamber: Radial Four Valve Combustion. This trick of the single from the XL 600 LM is intended to ensure particularly effective gas changes.




A strange sight: the slim half-shell of the Egli Target 600 hardly looks wider than the fat tires.


The owner Helmut Knott with his Egli Target 600.





Egli Target 600 in focus

600cc Honda single in an Egli frame

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The terms Schoki, Fränkli, Alm and Edelweiss are usually associated with Switzerland. Bike fans tend to think of the tuner legend Egli. In the mid-1980s even a 600cc Honda single in the Egli frame caused a sensation, also because the company Target-Design designed the exterior.

Switzerland is small. But she is beautiful. Not only because of the mountains and the grandiose alpine roads. It also has a lot to offer. For example, she gave us the ingenious tuner and suspension specialist Fritz W.. E.gli brings. For that reason alone, the small country deserves our thanks. How did our youthful ears glow when the name (pronounced reverently) was mentioned? And how did we devour the reports in the magazines when an Egli Kawa or Honda was tested and measured. Sure, almost all of us dreamed of powerful four- or even six-cylinder engines in stable chassis. Like the Egli Target Honda CBX, which was presented in 1981. Strong, fast and beautiful at the same time. And then, in 1983, the Swiss surprised us with a model that he put on the wheels again with the designers from Ammersee.

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Egli Target 600 in focus
600cc Honda single in an Egli frame

Push a button instead of a kick starter

However, another edition follows, now no longer with the PD 03 engine, which could only be started with a kick starter, but with the stew from the XL 600 LM (PD 04), which has now matured into a travel enduro, now also by E from the factory -Starter to life. The stump of the kickstarter shaft still protrudes from the housing, but the lever itself no longer fits and the frame tube is in the way. But the two batteries on board should be enough to always start the single reliably. That’s the theory. After a long period of inactivity, as is the case with the specimen driven by MOTORRAD Classic, it is advisable to recharge the batteries and it is an advantage to know the tricks that do not turn a cold start into a frustrating patience. Owner Helmut Knott knows his darling, and of course the right tricks: "Hold a suction funnel with your hand, adjust the choke correctly and do not accelerate."

When we meet at the agreed time, the exclusive Swiss woman has already done her morning gymnastics. It is wide awake, in other words, it jumps on spontaneously at the push of a button and thunders along with a somewhat low, uneven idle speed. Anyone who expects hopeless noise in view of the matt black two-in-one sports exhaust brand Egli / Schüle, so the papers say, will be reassured – or disappointed. Hearty, bassy banging sounds here, but not an undue ruckus. So you can continue to hope that your neighbors will greet you. You will definitely take a look when the Egli rolls off the yard, just like passers-by at least a confused or curious look at the unusual bike.

Well-developed country roads are their territory

In the meantime I have taken a seat, sorry, in the Egli Target. Given the ridiculous 710 millimeters seat height, you have to call it that, and it feels that way. But because the handlebars are also mounted low, this is not particularly noticeable when you fold up and take this forced sitting position. There is not much room to vary here, drivers over 1.90 meters hit the hump at the back, while their knees are already supported on the cushions of the small half-shell. It is also tight when maneuvering; no one should hope for a generous steering angle who tries to turn on a normal lane. The data sheet shows 30 degrees, which seems exaggerated. But the 600 was never intended as an agile city runabout. Curvy, preferably well-developed country roads are their territory. Here she shows herself in her element. At the end of the village, the real fun begins with the slim, white exotic woman – no more strolling. “Don’t be afraid of revs, the engine must be driven a bit free again,” Helmut Knott encouraged me. well then.

The four-valve engine obviously doesn’t feel very comfortable below 3000 rpm either, it jerks and, especially in the last gear, only increases speed with hacking protest. Between 3500 and 6000 tours, the stew offers a sufficiently wide band for brisk propulsion, the engine has no trouble with the light load, and small intermediate sprints pull the corners of the mouth upwards as if by themselves. Great. However, you shouldn’t let yourself be dazzled by the view of the speedometer – because of the translation that is actually intended for 18-inch wheels, it is clearly ahead. Display 130 is only real 110 km / h to be exact.


The Egli Target masters tight runs almost as playfully as fast, long arcs,

No matter where are the curves? The German-Japanese-Swiss coproduction masters tight runs almost as playfully (with a little emphasis when turning in) as it does fast, long arcs, which it completes so stoically and without the slightest twitch or agitation that you can easily give the chassis an 80 hp Twin would expect. It pumps lightly at the back and the Egli fork does not respond very sensitively to the smallest patches, but the machine also rolls on somewhat oversized slippers, which, given the ridiculous weight, offer hardly any self-absorption. The bulging 16-inch models seem too inflated on the filigree 600, the front 120 on the 3.25-inch rim and the 150 on the rear on a 4.00-inch rim are undoubtedly a bit exaggerated.

It gets even more bizarre when you consider the approval for the pairing 130 front / 160 rear. You live on a large scale in Switzerland. With the driver and driver just 235 kilograms, the brakes again have easy play: The Brembo single disc at the front can be precisely adjusted and shows the linear effect that increases with hand strength – that’s how it should be. Incidentally, the change in the noble 600s in Knott’s possession should not be so at first. The previous owner actually wanted to sell his entire motorcycle collection without the Egli Target, which his daughter was supposed to keep. Knott was fine, he was only keen on the Benelli 900 Sei anyway and finally agreed to the deal. The daughter in question didn’t care about the perch, so it was included in the package. The new owner soon decided to keep only the Benelli and the Egli and sold the rest.

The end of the long service life

That was in 2005, by which time the Egli Target had already stood for seven years. The happy new owner also did not set out to overtake the 600 series until years later and to grapple with all the obstacles until the final approval. It wasn’t until 2011 that a license plate with a TÜV stamp appeared on the rare white bike. According to Target boss Kasten, only just under 20 vehicles were ever built, almost half of them went to Japan. In addition to Knott’s copy, only three other vehicles are currently known in this country. The 55-year-old can hardly quantify the value of his rarity. Should he ever sell them, he would offer them worldwide. Any wealthy Japanese obsessed with European luxury goods would be willing to pay any price. Maybe someone has been waiting for almost 30 years to get hold of an Egli Target 600. I could understand it after meeting her.

Technical specifications

Engine: Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, one overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder, bore 100 mm, stroke 75 mm, 589 cm³, compression 8.5: 1, 44 hp at 6500 / min, 51 Nm at 5500 / min, two 30 mm Mikuni -Carburettor, oil bath clutch, five-speed gearbox, electric starter, chain drive

Landing gear: Central tubular frame, telescopic fork at the front, Ø 35 mm, central spring strut at the rear (cantilever system), disc brake at the front,
Ø 300 mm, rear disc brake, Ø 220 mm, weight with a full tank of 158 kg, tank capacity 10.6 liters, front tires 120/80 V 16, rear 150/80 VR 16

Top speed: 170 km / h (factory specification)

Price: (1986): 25,000 marks

The owner about his Egli Target 600

"My Egli Target, which was first registered in 1989, is perhaps the last one ever built. I came across it by accident eight years ago, today it has grown dear to me. Not only because it is so rare and shines with a timelessly inspiring design, but also because it has implemented the idea of ​​a single-cylinder athlete so consistently. Petite, light, handy – and already a legend today."

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