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Jörg Künstle

Ducati xDiavel at INTERMOT

Cruiser with a new color scheme

Ducati presents the Cruiser xDiavel with a completely new color scheme at INTERMOT in Cologne. The new variant will be available from retailers from November.

The new shade of the D.ucati Cruisers is called “Matt Liquid Concrete Gray”, the chassis and engine remain black.

In addition, the Ducati xDiavel has a new, dark brown seat cover for the 2019 model year.

Gray for the base only


In addition to the gray paint, there is a brown bench seat.

The new color “Matt Liquid Concrete Gray” is reserved for the xDiavel in the standard version and replaces the matt black of the current model year.
The S version of the Ducati xDiavel features a headlight with DRL (Daytime Running Light), DLC coated fork tubes, Brembo M50 front brake calipers, machined rims and timing belt covers. The xDiavel S is still available in the colors “Thrilling Black” and “Iceberg White” – both color variants still have a red stripe on the tank.

Prices for the new model year have not yet been announced.

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