WSBK – The MNC analysis of the World Superbike in the Netherlands – The blues of the Blues at the WSBK of the Netherlands


MNC analysis of World Superbike in the Netherlands

WSBK - The MNC analysis of the World Superbike in the Netherlands - The blues of the Blues at the WSBK of the Netherlands

Beyond the points distributed, each race weekend brings its share of remarkable feats and poor performances, good and bad surprises. In its analysis, Site reviews the highlights of the WSBK in Assen.

The blues of the Blues at the WSBK of the Netherlands

Qualified on the first row of the WSBK grid for the second time in a row, our leader Sylvain Guintoli proves that his Yamaha R1 works very well … on one lap! Saturday noon, the Frenchie pushed his demonstration over a few laps, before falling.

"We still bring a trophy", he seeks to be positive on his official Twitter account,"A new 1st row and a 2nd place in the general Superpole classification". Like Tom Sykes when he started on the Kawa, Sylvain Guintoli has mastered the qualifiers with his Yam. All that remains is to go the distance !

Eleventh the next day on the dryer – under hail and sun, all in one run! -, No.50 Yamaha put an end to Assen’s uninterrupted series of Top 10 races. In the championship, Guinters’ counter shows 58 points, which places him nine lengths behind Hayden (5th).

Impossible to blame our 2014 champion who bet in the second round … and lost! Guinters could have passed for a hero if the Dutch track had dried up a little faster on Sunday afternoon. It does not pass for so much for a complete zero.

"Difficult conditions, I chose a front rain and a rear intermediate, a risky strategy that did not bear fruit", Sylvain reports on social networks."Meeting in Imola", where the Frenchman obtained two podiums on Aprilia, but only collected 8th place on the Honda last year.

Very little consolation for our compatriot: his teammate Alex Lowes had an equally disappointing weekend. Victim of a fall in Superpole 2, the 2013 British Superbike champion only landed a distant eighth place in the first round, a seventh in the second.

With the Blues of Iwata still, but in the Superstock 1000 category, the situation is much worse since the two titular pilots found themselves Sunday evening in the same room of the Assen hospital, both badly banged up.

First to fall, during qualifying on Saturday, Florian Marino found himself in the path of Luca Vitali. The Italian was unfortunately unable to avoid the collision, his RSV4 hitting head-on the right leg of our poor n ° 21…

Immediately transferred to the "Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis Assen", Florian – and his right leg in several pieces, ahem – passed over the pool table that same evening to put his femur, tibia and fibula back in place. Described as stable, his pelvic fracture (!) Did not require an operation.

"The operation went very well", said Adrien Morillas, his coach yesterday."He dealt with an excellent surgeon (a certain Bodo Iprenburg, NDLR) who did a good job. Florian is still tired and still in pain. I think we will transfer him to France, probably on Wednesday".

Although it is still too early to talk about a return to competition – Site first of all wishes him the courage to endure the pain and the rehabilitation afterwards – the first estimates indicated a period of convalescence of three months.

"I feel very sad because it took me a long time to get back into good shape after a long recovery period last year", noted yesterday Florian, poleman in Aragon."I’ve never felt this strong before, so it’s really bad to hurt myself again".

Sylvain Barrier, who knows this type of galley all too well – he must return to the handlebars of his Kawasaki at Imola – sympathizes: "I wish @FlorianMarino a good recovery who fell heavily in Assen", tweeted on Saturday the n ° 20 of the Kawasaki Perdercini team, replaced in Assen by a certain Lucas Mahias…

The Franco-Grolandais driver has also had his share of galleys: deprived of Supersport this year despite very good freelancing in 2015, the 2014 French champion (12 victories in 12 races as a reminder!) Has adapted very well to the race. Ninja ZX-10R.

Qualified a distant but logical 17th place on Saturday morning, Lucas succeeded in the afternoon to sign a Top 10 in the dry from his first race in Superbike! Did you say phenomenal? Even taking into account the falls of four leaders in the category, the performance remains impressive.

In the second round, in the difficult conditions that we know, the replacement of Syl’20 even took advantage of the vagaries of the race to complete the 13th lap in the lead! Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes quickly passed him but the essential is there: Mahias marked the spirits…

"End of the "wonderbox sensation"", joked the n ° 44 Sunday evening, at the end of a"magic weekend, I lived the equivalent of a season in a weekend (rain, dry, cold, flag to flag, etc.). Thanks again to Team Pedercini for making me ride to Assen". Banzaïïï !

Let us conclude this analysis by congratulating another French Ninja: Jérémy Guarnoni who finished second in the race at Assen. "YEEEES P2 !"exclaims" Jey "."An incredible race, climbed from 13th to 2nd in 9 laps, really excellent! Too happy for my team and Kawasaki. A big thank you to my team, my mechanics, Showa, my sponsors and of course to my little ZX-10R", with which he is madly in love…

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