WSBK – Videos, statements and analysis of the SBK in Misano – Statements by Superbike riders in San Marino


Videos, statements and analysis of the SBK in Misano

WSBK - Videos, statements and analysis of the SBK in Misano - Statements by Superbike riders in San Marino

The seventh round of the World SBK 2012 took place yesterday in Misano. To complete our live reports, here are the statements of the SBK riders, our analyzes and the video summaries of the Superbike and Supersport races..

Statements from Superbike riders in San Marino

Max Biaggi, 1st (x 2):
"It was a wonderful weekend! After a Superpole that forced me from the third row, I was able to stay focused and express myself during the race. At the end of the practice sessions, I chose a tire which was not the fastest in terms of time but which gave me the most confidence. In any case, I had to take risks because there are very few places to overtake here, but in the end I succeeded and I left Misano with an incredible double. I want to thank the guys in the team who have always worked well and I want to dedicate this victory to my girlfriend Eleonora and my son Léon, who accompanied me for the first time on a circuit".

Carlos Checa, 2nd then DNF (Did Not Finish):
"Considering our position on the grid, and the fact that it’s not at all easy to overtake at Misano, the result of the first race was very good. I admit that I did not expect to be there today, to fight for the victory. But I was able to catch up, which was not an easy task! Max was strong today, well done to him and to Davide, who had a fantastic race! And now what can I say about the second race? It seems that this season we are attacked from all sides … Marco pushed me around the corner, which is strange because he is normally more attentive. Finally, it happened, that’s how it is. But it’s a real shame because I could have had another good race and taken some important points".

Jonathan Rea, 5th then 2nd:
"The first race was quite strange: I was comfortable in front in the first part, but the tire wore out very quickly and dramatically, and fifth place is all I could report. I must have produced a perfect race for the second outing, because from about the ninth lap I got a "+0, Haslam" sign and it lasted the whole race. At the start of this round, I got stuck behind Tom (Sykes) while Giuliano was quite aggressive. So I lost my rhythm a bit but I stayed calm, I concentrated and I passed Tom well. I didn’t make any mistakes but Leon stayed very close which gave me a lot of pressure. I did the last few laps as best I could. It’s good to finish second here, having struggled the last two editions. Summer is now here, I’m happy our bike is running the softer "A" tire and my guys are working quietly in the box. Getting back on the podium on a circuit where we struggled so hard is good. I can’t wait to go to Aragon now: it’s exciting, because it’s a new circuit for me and I have always liked this kind of challenge".

Davide Giugliano, 3rd then DNF:
"I’m really happy with the way the first round went. We are accumulating the experience race after race and I try to put to good use everything the team and Ducati have given me. I knew the last phase of the race would be more difficult and I was right, I started to have grip issues and when I saw Carlos and Max right behind me I got a little nervous! I’m really happy with the result, and the fact that he’s made it here in Misano. Conversely, I am very sorry for what happened in the second run. I was driving very fast and doing everything I could to stay glued to the leading group. Maybe I attacked a little too much and it was over for me. I apologize to my team who worked so hard for me this weekend and to all the fans. I’m sorry for Carlos too, and the way the race ended for him".

p>Leon Haslam, 12th then 3rd:
"Another weekend where we fought for the podium. In the first run we were unlucky for the tire and there was nothing we could do. We were fighting for a place on the podium, but the rubber problem caused our times to drop from three to four seconds per lap. The tire was unmanageable, so I was quite happy to take four points, and at the same time frustrated because after some very solid first laps we did not get on the podium. But we did it in the second run. Between races the guys worked hard because we changed the set-up and made a different tire choice. This tire was definitely better. The battle with Johnny was good. I think I had the pace to overtake him, but it seems like I took too long to get past Tom and the other guys. Johnny was faster than me in a few turns, which made overtaking very difficult. He had a perfect race and we had to stay in third place wisely, which is not my style. However, I am happy to be back on the podium: a big thank you to BMW! Now we go to Aragon for two more days of testing. We will try to polish a few things and run more on the different tires.".

Tom Sykes, 4th then 7th:
"Honestly, the first run wasn’t so bad after a tough weekend trying to find traction on the bike in the hot weather conditions. We did a great job in the first half of the season and we know where we can improve. In the first race, we did what it took to finish in Top 4. I’m happy with this fourth place and the eight-second gap to the winner. It was definitely good compared to last year. The track temperatures increased considerably for the second race and it is unfortunate as we struggled with the settings of the bike. We had very little time on the track for the tires and our main goal was to tune the bike for a good result. In the second run I chose the wrong tire. We didn’t have enough tire experience and couldn’t bet on another one. Rea chose a different tire, and see what happened to him. If we had done the same, we could have played on the same field. Others have made bigger mistakes today. We lost a few points, but I’m still third in the championship at the end of a somewhat difficult weekend".

Ayrton Badovini, 11th then 5th:

"To end this race with a fifth place is positive because it corresponds to the improvements we made during the weekend. I could have done better if, in the first part of the race, I hadn’t lost contact with the leading pack as I tried to pass Sykes. In the final laps I waited a bit too long before trying to take fourth place, and after the first failed I was unable to come close enough for another try. Anyway, I am happy with the progress made here in Misano. In the first run I was doing well, but the tire we used didn’t allow me to stay sharp until the end".

Sylvain Guintoli, 8th then DNF:

Loris Baz, DNF then 8th:
"I had a problem after five laps in the first race with my shifter electronics. I tried to ride without for ten laps, but it got a bit risky so I came into the pits. I knew I had a good race pace, I think I could have finished between tenth and twelfth, something like that. In the second heat I tried to get a better start but I didn’t succeed! I then tried to go faster in the first few laps and our race pace got really good, enough to catch up with Laverty, Tom and a few other drivers. I was fine and didn’t want to make a stupid mistake trying to get past Tom. For me eighth place is really good. I would have liked to try to pass Tom, but I didn’t want to take the slightest risk".

Leon Camier, 10th then 15th:
"I know the results don’t look great, but I’m pretty happy with our potential today, especially in the second run. We had to make some bets on the set-up in the first run because the conditions were a bit cooler than they had been before. But our choices were not perfect, the grip was not very good and the tires wore out very quickly. I rode as hard as I could, kept a steady pace and finished tenth. The bike looked much better in the second run and I was able to go fast from the start. I recovered well and I had fun overtaking my opponents. Everything was going fine until the problem in the fourth corner … I think I got there a little slower and a little tighter than usual, the front suddenly fell and I fell . I got back on the bike and a lap later I was just four tenths slower than my previous best lap. During the race, I set the same lap times as all the leading guys, except Biaggi. I was the fastest rider in sector 4, second in sector 5 and third in sector 1, which shows how well the Suzuki Fixi Crescent Suzuki was doing: it probably didn’t turn any better. all year ! I feel really optimistic after today. Now all we need to do is pass qualifying. So for sure, we will be ahead to fight with the fastest".

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