WSBK – WSBK Great Britain (2): Sykes is doubleback! –

WSBK Great Britain (2): Sykes is doubleback !

WSBK - WSBK Great Britain (2): Sykes is doubleback! -

Tom Sykes won a second masterful victory this afternoon at Donington Park and signs his third consecutive double on the English track! Passed very close to a nasty fall, Rea secures a new 2nd place ahead of Davies.

Second Superbike race Very responsive, Jonathan Rea sets off in a small but long …

Tom Sykes won a second masterful victory this afternoon at Donington Park and signs his third consecutive double on the English track! Passed very close to a nasty fall, Rea secures a new 2nd place ahead of Davies.

Second Superbike race

Very responsive, Jonathan Rea started with a small but long wheelie and therefore could not surprise Tom Sykes and Leon Haslam who were ahead of him on the starting grid. Next are Davide Giugliano, Alex Lowes, Leon Camier, Chaz Davies, Matteo Baiocco, Sylvain Guintoli, and Jordi Torres.

The first lap was hectic but at the forefront, only Davies managed to gain a place, overtaking Camier in the Fogarty Esses. Sykes completed the first lap with a few steps ahead of Haslam and Rea. Giugliano is doing his best to stay in contact with the # 65 Kawasaki. Camier and Davies fight for 6th place.

On the second pass through Coppice, Rea grazed the fall: the rear tire of the ZX-10R n ° 65 slipped violently twice! The Ninja n ° 65 nevertheless remains on its wheels, we do not know by what miracle! Johnny loses four places, but he could have lost a lot more…

Camier fell on the 3rd lap losing the front in the middle of the Esses de Fogarty and almost got hit by Rea, again him! The Kawa ‘rider finds himself in sixth place, three seconds behind Giugliano and Lowes who are fighting for third place, and five seconds behind his teammate still in the lead..

Tom Sykes whips his Ninja and walks away from Leon Haslam visibly. More than four seconds behind, Alex Lowes and Davide Giugliano cross the iron aluminum, which allows Chaz Davies to pick up on them! Jonathan Rea also follows them…

Davies took third place in Melbourne braking at the end of the 5th lap and quickly distances his comrades. Jonathan Rea passed Alex Lowes on braking on the first Redgate curve then got rid of Giugliano in the Fogarty Esses a minute later.

On the 6th lap, Nico Terol goes highside in Coppice and forces Randy de Puniet to leave the track momentarily. Strangely broken – a bit like a puzzle – the Ducati n ° 18 is quickly evacuated: the yellow flags are not replaced by the red flags and the race – by Tom Sykes! – can therefore continue.

The n ° 66 Kawasaki attacked the 8th lap with four seconds ahead of the n ° 91 Aprilia. The No.7 Ducati completes the podium with just two seconds, but Jonathan Rea turns almost half a second faster than Chaz Davies…

As he fought with Leandro Mercado for 13th place, Christophe Ponsson fell and glided at very high speed on the English grass – watered at the very end of the first Superbike race. The French n ° 23 ends its race in a loaf of mousse … (Hard!)

On the track, Jonathan Rea lodged himself in the aspiration of Chaz Davies and dislocated the Welsh rider and his Ducati in the return straight by descending towards the Esses du King Foggy! The leader is back on the podium, which he has never missed in 11 races this season..

Tom Sykes meanwhile, continued his demonstration and was almost seven seconds ahead of Haslam at the end of the 12th lap. The n ° 66 turns a second faster than its direct pursuer! Jonathan Rea and Chaz Davies drive a quarter of a second faster than Haslam … Would Leon’s odds start heating up a bit … or burning him excruciatingly ?

Ten laps from the end, Rea is just one second behind the second place occupied by Aprilia n ° 91. Davies is in Rea’s wake but cannot initiate an attack. A second further is the second factory Ducati driven by Davide Giugliano.

Alex Lowes is driving a lonely 6th place. Sylvain Guintoli and Jordi Torres fight for seventh place, six seconds behind the No.22 Suzuki and 20 seconds behind the No.66 Kawasaki. The Italians Ayrton Badovini and Matteo Baiocco close the "Top Ten". Randy de Puniet closes the "Top Fifteen".

Jonathan Rea has to do it twice to deprive Leon Haslam of his second place. Once doubled by "Johnny", the "Pocket Rocket" is immediately overtaken by "Chazie" and threatened by the hot Italian No. 34. Injured in Imola, Leon is certainly not spared by his little comrades.

It was not until the 19th lap to see Tom Sykes lose some ground on his opponents: the King of Donington Park was however almost nine seconds ahead of his teammate Jonathan Rea. The latter is forced to continue to attack to prevent any return of Chaz Davies at the end of the race….

Leon Haslam took fourth place from Giugliano at the end of the 21st lap, braking the Fogarty Esses. Alex Lowes is almost guaranteed to finish sixth. Sylvain Guintoli on the other hand must contain the attacks of Jordi Torres: the rookie stumbles on the world champion but finds the opening in the final loop !

Tom Sykes won his third double in a row at Donington Park and now has as many victories on this superb English track as Carl Fogarty himself! The new King of Donington Park is again joined by Jonathan Rea and Chaz Davies.

Leon Haslam takes another fourth place ahead of an Italian driver: after Ayrton Badovini in the first round, Davide Giugliano closes the "Top Five" of the second. Alex Lowes still finished in sixth place ahead of Torres and Guintoli.

Jonathan Rea lost two battles against his teammate, of course, but his two 2nd places allowed him to increase his lead in the championship: with 280 points (out of 300 maximum), the n ° 65 has 101 points more than Haslam, and 102 more than Sykes.

Chaz Davies lost a little ground on the leaders (23 points less than Sykes) but gained a lot on the underdogs Torres, Guintoli and Baiocco. Mercado takes advantage of Van den Mark’s black series (three draws) to reach ninth place in the provisional.

The next points distribution takes place in two weeks on the sublime Portimao track in Portugal. But you have an appointment tomorrow on the Site to read the statements of Superbike riders and the editorial staff’s analysis: stay tuned !

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