WSBK – WSBK Magny-Cours: Sykes KO Guintoli and Laverty –

WSBK Magny-Cours: Sykes KO Guintoli and Laverty

WSBK - WSBK Magny-Cours: Sykes KO Guintoli and Laverty -

Tom Sykes was really too strong today … The Kawasaki rider signs his third double of the season in France and is approaching the 2013 world title! Aprilia n ° 50 and 58 accompanied him on the two podiums, but ended up stunned…

The second race which has just ended at Magny-Cours will remain in the annals of World Superbike! Dropped by …

Tom Sykes was really too strong today … The Kawasaki rider signs his third double of the season in France and is approaching the 2013 world title! Aprilia n ° 50 and 58 accompanied him on the two podiums, but ended up stunned…

The second race which has just ended at Magny-Cours will remain in the annals of World Superbike! Dropped by Tom Sykes and his Kawasaki, Sylvain Guintoli and Eugene Laverty provided the show, pushing their Aprilia to the limit, and even a little more !

This afternoon, Sylvain Guintoli was the only one to follow the pace of poleman Tom Sykes at the start of the race. The Frenchie was nonetheless inclined, ceding the English Ninja five points in the championship. Small consolation: Sylvain returned to his teammate Laverty in the provisional … for only a few hours !

In the Supersport category, arriving in France with 49 points ahead of Kenan Sofuoglu, Sam Lowes could be content with a 15th place to win his first world title … The Yamaha rider n ° 11 finally finished second behind the Turk in the ‘after a superb race.

Note, moreover, the superb performance of Chris Iddon who rises – barely! – on the podium with his MV Agusta, and Fabien Foret’s very good comeback to fourth place, while the Kawasaki rider n ° 99 started from 18th place on the grid !

First Superbike race

The start is given on a perfectly dry track, but under threatening clouds! Sykes started very well from pole position while Guintoli remained stuck in his second place … Giugliano infiltrated in second position ahead of our favorite n ° 50. Melandri is already fourth !

Sylvain passes Aprilia n ° 34 in the "Golf" break and takes the wheel of Kawasaki n ° 66 to the applause of his audience! Sykes then leads ahead of Guintoli, Melandri, Giugliano, Laverty, Davies, Fabrizio, Badovini, Cluzel and Philippe !

The two leaders let go of the peloton on the first loop! Laverty tries to join them but forces the Lycée to brake too much and stays behind Giugliano, Melandri and Davies. Guintoli climbs to the level of Sykes by attacking the big left after the pits but does not pass.

Behind, Melandri and Laverty bicker in each turn and allow Giugliano to isolate himself in third position. Chaz Davies takes advantage of the fight to pass in front of his teammate … but loses the front in Imola! The Welshman joins the pits and retires.

In front, Tom Sykes leads the race with a bang while Sylvain Guintoli does his best not to let the English Ninja slip away! Davide Giugliano turns half a second slower and must above all be wary of the ascent of official Aprilia n ° 58…

In the third lap, Jules Cluzel orbiting his Gex! Guintoli for his part perfectly masters his RSV4 and sets the best time on track, without finding an opening on his great rival, on the track as in the championship. !

Giugliano was already nearly three seconds behind the leaders and saw the "challenger" Laverty come up on him. Melandri is unable to keep up and is more than seven seconds behind. Follow Fabrizio and a group of furious people made up of Haslam, Philippe, Pirro and Badovini.

Laverty climbed onto the podium, braking Giugliano on the 5th lap through Adelaide. The two leaders are then more than 5 seconds away: Sykes is the fastest on the track, half a second faster than Guintoli who is struggling to stay in contact. !

The Frenchie whips his Aprilia and limits Sykes’ lead – or is it the other way around? – 1.5 seconds from the 8th round. Laverty turns a tone below his two rivals but a tone above Giugliano. Ditto for Melandri, who rolls alone in fifth position, unable to catch up on his compatriot, but faster than Fabrizio.

The n ° 84 is still ahead of four drivers: Haslam, Pirro, Philippe and … Elias, who "replaces" Badovini in this fight for 6th place! Michele Pirro amazes by his style much more fluid than Canepa last week at Laguna Seca, and no less efficient! Vincent Philippe also had a superb race at the helm of the GSR of the Fixi Crescent team.

Shortly after halfway, Tom Sykes accelerates again! Sylvain Guintoli loses half a second and points to 2.2 seconds from his target eight laps from the end … Laverty is definitively dropped and circulates over nine seconds. Giugliano is over 13 seconds, Melandri at 21, Pirro at 31…
Michele Pirro precisely, moves away from Fabrizio, Haslam, Elias, Philippe who are now fighting for seventh place. The fight is superb, until Elias finds the limit of his Pirelli and loses the front in Imola … Housed in his rear wheel, Vincent Philippe touches the Spaniard’s Aprilia and falls in his turn !

In front, Tom Sykes still dominates Sylvain Guintoli. The Aprilia rider regained a few tenths of a second on the 17th lap but the English Ninja reacted on the next lap and maintained his lead at two seconds. Victim of a huge highside, Mark Aitchison remains agard on the track next to his burning ZX-10R…

The red flags therefore put an end to this first French round prematurely! Sykes is declared the winner, ahead of the two official Aprilias of Guintoli and Laverty. Sylvain takes advantage of this result to move up to second position in the provisional, but yields five points to Tom…

Supersport Race

Excellent start for MV Agusta rider Christian Iddon, who takes over Lowes! Sam takes control of the race in "Golf", the two English are ahead of Sofuoglu, Tamburini, Van den Mark, Rolfo, Zanetti, Webb, Morais, Russo, etc. N ° 21 takes the lead again in Nürburgring !

The F3 therefore completes the first lap in front of the R6 n ° 11 and the ZX-6R n ° 54. Lowes bites – on two wheels and widely! – in the grass when leaving Estoril. Sofuoglu tries to take advantage of this by delaying his braking: the Turk passes in front of the two Brits but misses the rope in Adelaide and remains third.

One lap later, Lowes does it better than Sofuoglu and does the brakes at Iddon … But the Tre Pistoni engine has resources and propels Iddon again in the lead in the descent towards 180 °. Behind Sofuoglu, Tamburini and his CBR dominate the two Honda Ten Kate of Van den Mark and Zanetti.

The 4th round is as eventful as the first three: Lowes and Iddon literally elbows on the exit of Adelaide! The n ° 11 manages to take the controls and the n ° 21 calms things down, which allows them to move away slightly from Sofuoglu.

Sam and Chris attack so hard that they drop below 1 ’42 and beat their qualifying time! In the 6th lap, Sam even got closer to pole signed by Kenan (1 ‘41.475) but could not get rid of Chris…

Sofuoglu is staying – for the moment ?! – a good second from the two leaders. Roberto Tamburini is three seconds behind n ° 54 and one second ahead of Zanetti and Van den Mark. Fabien Foret occupies 10th place while Matthieu Lagrive, who replaces Florian Marino, fights to enter the points.

Twenty seconds ahead of Matt, Lowes and Iddon continue to squeeze their right grips. On lap 10, the two Britons were still riding in close formation, under the constant supervision of Sofuoglu. Kev Coghlan loses the front in Adelaide…

In the 12th lap, Lowes loses two places and takes a quick look at his Yamaha! Everything quickly returns to order and Sam lodges in the aspi of his great rival Kenan … At the same time, Roberto Rolfo also falls in Adelaide and does not even bother to raise his MV Agusta..

The other MV Agusta is still leading the race with nine laps to go. Iddon is however closely followed by the triple world champion and by the future 2013 champion who clearly wants to win this race, while a point would be enough for him to crown the world crown! Sofuoglu takes the lead in Adelaide in the 15th lap…

Lowes double Iddon in the descent towards Lycée: the n ° 11 does not want to let slip his enemy n ° 54 who raises the tone! In the peloton, Foret made his usual comeback: the n ° 99 double Tamburini, Zanetti, Van den Mark then Morais and reached fourth place !

Up front, Sofuoglu did not succeed in losing company with Lowes, nor with Iddon for that matter. The rookie is not quite as swift as the two champions but secures the best front row seat to follow the final battle !

Matthieu Lagrive fell three laps from the end in Estoril and fortunately got up without – big? – bobo. Ahead, Lowes takes the reins of Adelaide’s braking race. Sofuoglu slides his Ninja inside the R6 in the 180 ° and attacks the last lap in the lead.

The Yam ‘tumbles down the straight, wriggling all over the place, which allows the Kawa’ to nibble a few precious meters ahead. Behind, Chris Iddon continues to attack and is finally ejected by his F3 at the exit of the Adelaïde hairpin! The red flag is raised and immediately ends the race.

When the three men join the parc fermé, the final classification of this French round is confirmed: Kenan Sofuoglu and his Kawasaki are declared the winners ahead of Sam Lowes on Yamaha and Chris Iddon on MV Agusta. Fabien Foret finished a distant but respectable fourth place.

Sam Lowes particularly enjoys his tenth podium this season: he indeed lifts the trophy of the 2013 Supersport world champion in front of his "friend" Sofuoglu and his potential reliever Iddon! With 44 points ahead of the riders’ standings, the No. 11 Yamaha will be riding for fun in two weeks in Jerez.

The constructor title will be decided in the Spanish final, but Kawasaki is promised: Akashi’s firm totals 250 points, against 233 for that of Iwata. Honda is guaranteed to get third place (152 points), MV Agusta fourth and Suzuki fifth.

Second Superbike race

Tom Sykes is off to a great start again. Sylvain Guintoli started better than in the first heat but plunged into the "Great curve" behind Laverty. Giugliano avoids a highside at the exit of Estoril and is passed by Melandri. Davies, Fabrizio, Elias, Fabrizio, Badovini and Philippe complete the Top 10 !

Sykes rolls very hard on the first lap and leads half a second at the end of the first lap. The two official Aprilias move away from Giugliano’s private RSV4 who holds the two semi-official BMWs at bay. Fabriizo leads the rest of the peloton in which Vincent Philippe makes his way….

Sykes breaks his own lap record in the second lap! Laverty and Guintoli may apply themselves, they cannot keep up with the hellish pace imposed by the Kawa ‘n ° 66 pilot. This one signs a new record in the third loop: Aprilia n ° 58 and 50 are knocked out.

Giugliano is still ahead of Melandri and Davies. The fight is much more animated for the seventh place: Fabrizio is constantly titillated by Philippe, Elias, Badovini and Haslam! Jules Cluzel is lost and cannot participate in this superb fight.

Alone in the lead, Tom continues to attack and drops below 1 ’38! Eugene and Sylvain turn a second slower and are three seconds late at the end of the 5th lap. Davide defends his fourth place dearly against his compatriot Marco. Chaz doesn’t want to repeat his first round blunder and stays behind his teammate.

Melandri precisely, tangles the reports when entering the 180 °, raises his S1000RR and sinks into the gravel traps … The famous n ° 33 gives way to his fifth place to the wise Davies. Joining the track in 16th position, Marco can definitely put an end to the 2013 title.

Up front, Guintoli and Laverty still believe in it! The Irishman fails to get laid but catches up with the slip of his RSV4. Haslam, on the other hand, can do nothing against the engine failure of his Fireblade n ° 91 on the 8th lap and must give up, just like Pirro. !

Meanwhile, Sykes the loner continues on his run. Six seconds behind, Guintoli overtakes Laverty in Imola! Giugliano is now threatened by Davies. Magny-Cours expert Vincent Philippe dominates Toni Elias, Jules Cluzel and Michel Fabrizio.

Jules Cluzel tested the asphalt again on the 13th lap but left in 15th position … His compatriot – our compatriot! – Vincent Philippe still occupies sixth place, a small second ahead of Tonia Elias and 10 seconds behind Davies.

Two Italian drivers retire on the 14th lap: Vittorio Iannuzzo because of a crashing track excursion and Michel Fabrizio because of a mechanical problem! The black series therefore continues for the Honda Pata…

Tom Sykes is tracing his pace on that of Sylvain Guintoli, still second ahead of his teammate Eugene Laverty. Davide Giugliano rolls in fourth position, a good second ahead of Chaz Davies. Vincent Philippe distance Toni Elias.

Eugene Laverty attacks Sylvain Guintoli under Adelaide braking and comes out in second position. Stung to the quick, Guintoli misses out on the Nürburgring and goes off the track! N ° 50 takes care to join the track via the escape route provided for this purpose and sets out again to attack n ° 58.

At the 18th crossing of the finish line, "Guinters" finds himself in the wheel of "Youdjine". Sylvain is at Eugene’s level when braking Adelaide, but on the outside and can therefore not attempt anything! Sylvain returns to the front in "Château d’eau": the French public is standing !

A U-turn later, Laverty comes out of Estoril perfectly and again brakes the Frenchie in Adelaide! The two official Aprilia then began an incredible final and passed each other several times in the 20th and then in the 21st lap, while the white flag (change of grip!) Was waved….

The 22nd lap saw the two teammates fight harder, to the delight of the public: Tom Sykes flies towards the double but only the duel between the two Aprilia counts! In Adelaide, Sylvain was surprised by the slightly damp tarmac and lost the front. A fraction of a second later, Laverty loses the rear !

The commissioners bring out the red flags! The race is over: Sykes pocketed a well-deserved double, ahead of the two Aprilia which provided a superb show, failing to get back on Tom in the championship.

On entering the parc fermé, Sylvain asks his mechanic to remove his gloves: the Frenchie is again suffering from his right shoulder … He has two short weeks to recover from his emotions and his stunt and try the everything for all in Jerez.

In the championship, Tom Sykes is now 37 points ahead of Eugene Laverty and 38 over Sylvain Guintoli, while there are still 50 points (two victories) to distribute … The Kawasaki rider is on track to become World Superbike Champion 2013 Answer on October 20, on Site !

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