WSBK – WSBK Thailand (2): Sykes cracked Rea –

WSBK Thailand (2): Sykes makes Rea crack

WSBK - WSBK Thailand (2): Sykes cracked Rea -

Beaten with nothing by Jonathan Rea in the first round (yesterday at the Buriram circuit), Tom Sykes got his revenge this afternoon, after another breathless duel. Davies accompanies the two Ninjas on the Thai podium … Second Superbike race Buriram 2016 Despite a better start than in the first round, Michal van den Mark is again overtaken

Beaten with nothing by Jonathan Rea in the first round (yesterday at the Buriram circuit), Tom Sykes got his revenge this afternoon, after another breathless duel. Davies accompanies the two Ninjas on the Thai podium…

Second Superbike Buriram race 2016

Despite a better start than in the first race, Michal van den Mark was again passed by the two Kawasaki of Sykes and Rea from the first few meters. The official Ducati and Yamaha of Davies and Giugliano, Lowes and Guintoli, are in the wheel the Honda n ° 60…

Davide Giugliano got lost on his way out of the n ° 3 hairpin and lost a pair of places: Nicky Hayden and his Fireblade found themselves in front of the Italian n ° 34 and his Panigale. The Top 10 is completed by the two BMW Althea of ​​Markus Reiterberger and Jordi Torres. Sylvain Barrier is 18th.

Sykes completes the first lap in front of the triple winner – in three races! – Rea. Van den Mark – three times on the podium – occupies third place. Behind, Lowes attacked Davies but the n ° 7 Ducati responded quickly. Guintoli and Hayden watch as Giugliano climbs back up.

Our dear "Guinters" went on the attack in the second lap and took fifth place from his teammate Lowes. Davies has several steps ahead of Guintoli: the Welsh is aiming for the Honda n ° 60 which is in the aspiration of the two Kawasaki factory n ° 66 and n ° 1.

Passed in front of his teammate, Jordi Torres tries to hang up the wagon – the train of eight pilots! – of head. Injured in the elbow in Australia, the "Spanish Elvis" wants to return to the outposts, but his hopes vanish in the 3rd round…

Indeed, the Kawasaki riders easily let go of their little comrades and are a second and a half ahead of the duo Van den Mark and Davies at the end of the 5th lap. Guintoli, Lowes, Hayden and Giugliano are relegated to four seconds behind the leading men. Torres is alone in 9th position. Barrier is still 18th.

Chaz Davies overtakes Michael van den Mark in the 9th round. The fate persists on Alex Lowes who must give up on a technical problem: it is the second time in four races that his R1 has failed him … The n ° 50 of Guintoli turns well, but is preceded by the CBR Hayden # 69.

At the head of the race, the ruthless "JR" puts pressure on "Major Tom" but the latter is holding on. While Rea stresses Sykes, Davies greatly reduces his delay. Van den Mark, on the other hand, got lost when braking the hairpin on the 12th lap and lost contact…

Jonathan Rea passes Tom Sykes between the two straight turns n ° 8 and 9 … but in the following loop, "Johnny" in turn widens when braking on hairpin n ° 3 and passes through Tom and "Chazie" . Rea’s Machiavellian plan – letting Sykes explain himself to Davies – falls apart !

There are six laps to go and Davies is threatening in the winding, imperial on braking but struggles on the acceleration phases … Rea overtakes him just before plunging into the fourth curve of the circuit and lodges new in the wheel of his teammate.

The "Number One" in the category is clearly faster than the No. 66 but remains in the rear wheel of his teammate. Just behind the Kawasaki, the n ° 7 Ducati does not trigger any attack. In the penultimate lap, the two Ninjas exchange places but Sykes retains the reins of the race at the start of the last lap !

Rea hoists his Kawasaki in front of Sykes’ at the start of the twisty section but the n ° 1 widens in the left double. Tom takes advantage of this gap to regain the lead of the race and does not leave it until the end, taking care to close the doors in the face of his teammate.

Beaten by two tenths of a second by Jonathan Rea in the first round, Tom Sykes takes his revenge in the second round. The 2013 world champion climbs to his 66th WSBK podium and takes his 27th victory. The first of the season !

Sykes’ counter now shows 66 points, giving him access to second place in the provisional classification, 29 points behind champion Rea (95 points out of 100 maximum) and one point ahead of Michael van den Mark, fourth in the second Thai round..

Third in the race this Sunday, Chaz Davies is satisfied with his result: Buriram is the track he dreads the most of the entire 2016 calendar. He is now looking forward to going to Aragon in three weeks, on a track that he always succeeded.

Sixth in the race behind Nicky Hayden, Sylvain Guintoli totaled 40 points in the general classification and joined the World Top 5. Our second representative, Sylvain Barrier, did not manage to score points in Thailand: his counter still shows two points so.

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