Young bikers: how much does a motorcycle cost in the beginning?

September 10, 2019

Between the price of a driver’s license, a new or used two-wheeler, biker equipment and motorcycle insurance, driving has a cost! When starting out as a young motorcycle license, it is better to establish a budget in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Young bikers: how much does a motorcycle cost in the beginning?

Biker equipment

Before even getting your motorcycle license, you will need to equip yourself. Helmets and gloves will in fact be necessary during driving lessons, even if some motorcycle schools can lend them to help out. So don’t wait for the precious sesame to invest. It is strongly recommended that you purchase not only compulsory motorcycle equipment, but also all safety accessories. It is precisely during learning that we suffer most from slips and falls. This is where the young driver will need to be protected as much as possible before they are introduced to driving. A sprained wrist can stop training for several weeks and further delay the exam.

  • The motorcycle helmet: you will have the choice between the jet helmet, modular or full. Count between 200 and 400 euros.
  • Approved gloves: count between 30 and 60 euros. Above all, make sure that they are certified as PPE (personal protective equipment): they must have the CE mark as well as the motorcycle pictogram on the label.

Highly recommended equipment:

  • the leather jacket or motorcycle jacket: around 100 euros for a textile jacket and 350 euros for a leather jacket
  • pants: around 150 euros for Kevlar reinforced jeans and 280 euros for leather pants.
  • high shoes: from 100 euros and 190 euros for boots.

How much does a motorcycle cost when you are starting out ?

It all depends on your budget, but it is usually advised to start with a used motorcycle. First, the insurance premium will be cheaper. Then, in the event of even a minor accident, you can still easily find used parts, and therefore more affordable! Remember that as a beginner rider, you will ride with an A2 license.

Two years later, you will be able to obtain the A license and will be authorized to pilot a more powerful machine. So maybe wait this moment to invest in a larger displacement.

In the second-hand market, you can find a two-wheeler in good condition from 1,500 euros and up to 2,500 euros. From enduro for motocross, to neo-retro or supermotard via roadster, etc. the price of a new motorcycle depends on the type of motorcycle.

Motorcycle insurance

This is usually a large budget to budget for the young rider. Hence the importance of choosing the right motorcycle insurance. If it is possible to request a quote via a online simulation, keep in mind the criteria that will affect the cost of motorcycle insurance. First, which formula to choose ?

Liability insurance is the minimum required by law. It covers the material and physical damage that your two-wheeler could cause to others, if you are responsible for the loss..

This is why it is better to take out a more comprehensive insurance contract. The intermediate formula, or third party +, offers more extensive protection with additional guarantees such as the theft, glass breakage or fire guarantee.

Your equipment may also be compensated. These options will drive up the price of insurance, but you are guaranteed better protection. To ride in peace, many bikers prefer to opt for comprehensive insurance, but which is of course the most expensive, especially for a young driver.

The insurance price varies according to the profile of the rider. For young drivers, contributions will be more expensive. The motorcycle itself has a big impact on the price of two-wheeler insurance, first of all depending on its purchase value and its date of entry into service, but also according to the use of its two-wheeler, leisure or professional use. , its storage, private closed garage or street parking, etc….

Note that contrary to popular belief, powerful motorcycles are not necessarily more expensive than a small displacement. Scooter insurance generally has a higher cost than touring motorcycle insurance.

Indeed, mopeds of 125cc and more are very popular with young people, a population statistically accident prone, whereas a Harley Davidson is generally driven by an experienced enthusiast and remains a difficult machine to fly. As an indication, for low-value second-hand motorcycles insured by third party, it takes around 700-1000 euros for the first year.

Motorcycle maintenance

Motorcycle maintenance is a big drain on the budget, because it’s all about safety. Here are some indicative prices, variants according to the type of motorcycle, of the different maintenance operations.

  • Basic overhaul with oil change: 150 – 190 euros
  • Changing the motorcycle tire set: around 300 – 400 euros
  • Change of front and rear brake pads: around 150 euros
  • Front and rear brake fluid change: around 120 euros
  • Changing the chain kit: around 250 euros

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