Road – Triumph Sprint GT 1050: GT sport must go on – GT custard


Triumph Sprint GT 1050: GT sport must go on

Road - Triumph Sprint GT 1050: GT sport must go on - GT custard

In 2010, the Triumph Sprint ST was supported by a GT version, more geared towards tourism: the lines, engine and suspensions were revised, ABS was fitted as standard and the suitcases gained in volume … The return of true Sport GT in short ?


GT with custard

As often, the weight of the motorcycle disappears as soon as the rider’s legs are taken over by the engine. An engine in this case very docile, flexible – a little more than that of the ST one would be tempted to say after re-reading the old test – and quite present, which provides tonic acceleration from 2,500 rpm but is truly awakens 2,000 turns higher !

It is from 4,500 rpm that the big Triple really expresses itself, and it shows! When accelerating, slight vibrations tickle the buttocks while the view is blurred in the mirrors … At around 6,000 rpm, it’s the turn of the feet to be discreetly titillated. Fortunately, these tingling are perfectly bearable and almost imperceptible at constant pace. !

Perfectly wedged "in" his saddle, gripping the handlebars and thighs tight against the tank, the rider raises the needle of the tachometer even more. Unfortunately for us, poor Frenchies, past the 7,000 rpm mark, the thrust is less muscular: it is then time to engage the next gear.

The gearbox – six "of course" reports – and its selection are free from defects and allow the mood of the moment and the response of the engine to be perfectly synchronized. Soft at low revs, muscular at mid revs and angry – infuriating in France because of the clamping … – at high revs, the 1050 offers the heavy Sprint GT performance worthy of a small sports car..

As for autonomy, the 320 km announced by Triumph are easily covered: with 16.5 liters, Site devoured 301 km at legal speed on the road and motorway. Over the entire test, the average consumption of our Sprint GT is slightly higher: 5.8 l / 100 km.

Shock duo

In short, from an engine point of view, the GT is doing very well … But the braking of the Sprint GT is to match. !

To tell the truth, Site has paid a lot of attention to this precise point, as the ABS version of the ST tested a little over a year ago left us perplexed … (As a reminder, the lever attack was not constant, read our)

Finally, our test Sprint GT proved to be the most pleasant and convincing! The front brake of the Triumph responds precisely to the demand of "rollers always and everywhere": it is at the same time powerful, adjustable and safe thanks to its well calibrated ABS. "The ABS calibration and dosage are constantly evolving, the English have undoubtedly softened it by switching from their "sporty" ST to their "Touring" GT", tells us Triumph France.

Of course, we can blame the Nissins for lacking a bit of bite, but this defect will only be felt on rare occasions, among the more "sporty" users. The rear disc correctly supports the two front discs: the pedal attack is gentle but by looking well, you can trigger your ABS on a little dirty road…

Only the bubble gets stuck

On a perfectly clean road, however, given the engine / braking duo offered, it does not take long to drive very quickly. The opportunity to raise the biggest flaw of this 2011 Triumph novelty: protection !

Originally equipped with a too low screen – the same as the ST – the Sprint GT certainly deflects the wind from the shoulders, but leaves too much of the helmet exposed. To isolate himself, the pilot must bend his back abundantly … Ditto, for the passenger when he is there !

Fans of long motorway connections will therefore not hesitate a minute and will tick off the high bubble option as soon as they buy their motorbike, invoiced at 149 €. At MNC, we admit that we do not really understand why this element was not fitted as standard on the GT !

Perfectly stable in a straight line, the GT is all the same to watch out for when overtaking large vehicles, especially because of the windy conditions of suitcases. Stripped of its elements, the Sprint cuts the road without limping: a real "globe-sprinter".

By inquiring – too quickly – the long curves of the A5, the trajectories of the Triumph Sprint GT become a little less precise and betray suspension settings more geared towards comfort. The front of the motorcycle in particular oscillates a little too long on the imperfections of the asphalt to continue to wring the handle: the Sprint GT is not a Daytona !

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