Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

When I say American motorcycle, you mean Harley-Davidson. If I say American sports bike, you mean Buell. What if we have to find an American hypersport, in the vein of the GSX-R and other ZXRs? Well, there is not much. Up to this V-Roehr 1250 SC.

Finally, the States no longer only produce talented pilots; they also manufacture its pistardes…. in small distribution. Because the V-Roehr is not a mass production machine made by a big manufacturer. We are more in the presence of a motorcycle enthusiast, which will be built a few dozen units per year, like Bimota …. no, rather Vertemati, Borile ….

Here you have a pure American, but the conception of which is more akin to the methods of Bimota or Feu Mondial. Besides, do not think that there are false tunes of 1000 Piega…. ? And the frame, doesn’t it remind you of the SB8K spars? Ready to race, stuck on its Marchesini rims, the V-Roehr is sleek, as it should be for a machine of its ilk. But the style doesn’t cause the thrill. The 1250 SC seems to draw its design genes from major references, without finding its own personality. With air intakes and dual superimposed headlights, the fork crown looks like a mix of Yamaha R1 and the aforementioned Mondial Piega. With its single-sided arm and pots under the saddle, the carbon rear shell does not lack elegance and finesse, and furiously reminds us of the rear of an R1 or an MV-Agusta F4. If the visual identity suffers, the way the V-Roehr is designed seems much more attractive to us.

Why am I telling you about the design method? Because if we come back to the two Italian manufacturers of a while back, Bimota and Mondial, their chassis are homemade but the engines come from outside (Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati, or Honda). The big liquid twin of the V-Roehr comes from Milwaukee, that is to say in the state next door. The ricans, make rican there. Patriotism is at its core, and to power one of America’s very few hypersports, Roehr took a heart of the country. A large heart open at 60 °, with 4 valves per cylinder, super-square dimensions…. A mechanic that we already know, because it comes from the famous V-Rod, the upsetting custom of Harley.

Japanese and Italian superbikes aren’t worried about it. The twin comes out 125 hp – the best blades in the chainring are all beyond 170 cannons. Do you believe that the Roehr workshops only installed the boiler in a frame…. ?!? Far from there. They grafted him a big pacemaker: a compressor. Enough to force-feed the engine with no response time. And blang! Uncle Sam’s sportswoman now announces 180 horsepower, and most importantly, a very large dose of torque, peaking at almost 16 mkg. This value obtained at 7600 rpm should not make us forget the essential: the compressor, a device which offers the engine much more availability, as if the muscle was no longer there, fuller, over a higher speed range. important. And then, if you want even more watts, a small adaptation of the mapping allows the compressed 1,250 to hit the 200 horsepower mark. The V-Roehr has just won supporters. This of course remains in the civilian domain or to have fun on the circuit. Because this machine can only take part in very few competitions. In SBK World, the twins are limited to 1,200 cc. He still has the prototype category…. or the good graces of certain points of the rules – Buell did indeed win the American supersport championship in 2009 with an 1125 R….

But what is a sporty full of power if the chassis does not follow. On that side, we don’t have to worry. The V-Roehr frame is made up of two chrome-molybdenum spars anchored to aluminum side plates. On the latter, we have provided enough to adjust the footrests to several heights. The suspensions? Of Öhlins front and back. At the end of the aviation hoses, the 4-piston radial Brembo. And let’s finish with a pair of Akrapovic silencers. In short, there is good stuff and big watts on this sports car. Still, at 196 kg dry, overweight will be felt – the competition is 20 kg less, a considerable value in the industry.

The 1250 SC V-Roehr has a lot to make, but mostly to have fun and not to ogle the competition. An esthetic machine, not to be consumed like a Big Mac. Forget its ridiculous autonomy (12 liters in the tank) to focus on the beautiful parts and the promises of the American twin. And to have one? The usual brothel of importing a foreign machine, transport costs, homologation, taxes, VAT, plus a not very social tariff of 50,000 dollars.

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    Max speed:
    sup 280 km / h

The technical aspect

Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

  • Frame
  • Tank: 12 liters
  • Height: 1,143 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1422 mm
  • Dry weight: 196 kg
  • Operating weight: 222 kg
  • Train before

Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

  • Transmission
  • Secondary chain transmission
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 1250 cc
    (105 x 72 mm)
  • 180
    at 9,100 rpm
  • 15.90 mkg
    at 7,600 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit



Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

Roehr V-ROEHR 1250 SC 2011

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