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100 km / h, 127 km of autonomy … the true 125 thermal equivalence ?

Daily test

Electric scooter models have exploded in recent years with an extended offer, both in terms of performance and price, from first price at 2,000 euros to the C-Evolution at 15,000 euros.

Between the two, we find everything in all brands and it is not always easy to navigate, both the advanced figures and the characteristics with crazy torque values ​​are difficult to compare. In this market, we find Silence, a Spanish manufacturer that we started talking about in 2014 with its S02 model for professionals. And then, in 2020, the brand unveiled its S01 model for individuals, with performance announced at 100 km / h with 127 km of autonomy thanks to a powerful 7 Kw motor and a 5.6 kW battery. And naturally, the price suffers at nearly 7,000 euros. So is the ramage up to the plumage ?

Silence S01, the private model of the Spanish manufacturerSilence S01, the model for particular of the Spanish manufacturer


Compact, narrow, small … despite this high screen (optional). There are electric scooters that look like thermal models, this one is clearly an electric model. However, larger than a self-service model, it is difficult to determine its power externally, even if it is more readily placed in the small urban scooter box..

7000w in the rear wheel7000 w in the rear wheel

And yet, we have a large 7 kW motor, almost twice the power of entry-level Bosch closer to 4,000 kW. It is the same for the battery of 5.6 Kw, one and a half times the values ​​of the entry-level batteries of 4 kW. If we note the motor in the wheel, we also notice the large central block with its central circle; it is about the electric battery, extractable and transportable on wheels … because the block still weighs 40 kilos! On the other hand, it is easily removed and then rolled up, in order to bring it home via the elevator; sine qua non condition: to have an elevator because otherwise you will not go up to the 4th floor in this way. And this is one of the characteristics of this S01: a scooter designed as an electric scooter and not as a stripped thermal scooter in which batteries have been inserted, often instead of the trunk. Suddenly, not only can the battery be removed simply but in addition we have a real trunk to accommodate two helmets. And that is already rare in thermal scooters (except Forza or XMax) and in electric, the rare borders on the exception. And this practicality is completed by a flat floor which leaves room for the feet and for a bag, even a large bag because there is really room..

111 kg without battery, 151 kg with111 kg without battery, 151 kg with

The whole gives a nice little look, underlined by the front lighting with a nice light signature and a nice rear headlight also in LED for a model which even serves as the basis for its variation from the manufacturer Seat with its MO.

LED lighting with a nice light signature and powerful night lightingLED lighting with attractive light signature and powerful night lighting

In the saddle

Obviously, there is a large trunk and suddenly, the saddle is a bit high and just allows the end of both feet to be put on the ground for the 1.70m rider. Fortunately, the weight is low and does not allow you to feel the 151 kilos (111 kilos without the battery). We end up with a relatively narrow handlebars that tighten the arms placed close to the body. Then, the overall position is natural with a good grip on the brake levers, adjustable more is. Under the eyes, we discover a very readable screen, with almost double indications, between percentage of remaining battery, helped by an estimate of the remaining autonomy. Partial double trip, clock, driving mode indicator complete the whole overlooked by an indicator of power used and regeneration capacity under braking.

LED tail lightLED rear light


"Double click" on the mode button and the S01 is "ready", without a sound. A simple touch of the right handle and let’s go, vigorously, even in Eco mode. We note that the S01 immediately falls into the category of silent models, barely allowing to hear the hiss characteristic of most electric models..

In the city

Silence announces 0 to 50 km / h in 3.8 seconds. And if we are closer to five seconds, starts are straightforward and clean to reach 50 km / h, including in Eco mode. Because if we are often limited in Eco mode around 40-45 km / h, this is not the case with the S01 which takes you briskly to 60 km / h (or even 70 km / h counter), very useful on expressways in large cities or the ring road. In fact, the modes will determine the reaction to the "throttle" handle as well as the efficiency of the engine braking. Soft in Eco mode, good in City mode, it becomes almost violent in Sport mode, at least for engine braking. We often tend to go into city mode with an electric scooter, the Eco mode being too soft or slow. Not so with the S01 where the Eco mode is pleasant on a daily basis or even sufficient. And then, anyway, all it takes is a simple push to the right stalk switch to switch it to City or Sport mode instantly..

3 driving modes, Eco, City, Sport and one reverse3 driving modes, Eco, City, Sport and one reverse gear

The handling is at the rendezvous, aided even more by a narrowness of the model which makes it possible to slip easily between the lines of the tightest cars. We then better understand the usefulness of the sound indicator which comes into action via the warning, because it allows to attract the attention of the really silent model otherwise (but we would like to remove this beep on a daily basis).

Exemplary maneuverability in the city capable of squeezing through a mouse holeExemplary maneuverability in the city capable of squeezing through a mouse hole

Comfort is helped by a natural driving position … as long as the road is good. But as soon as you arrive on the cobblestones of Paris, it becomes firm and hard, with big sharp shocks not only in the back, but in the handlebars and arms. And this as well in solo as in duet. So you have to hang on.

Finally, a reverse gear, easy to engage via a push button on the left stalk, helps to park and park.

A sport mode that is often too many in the cityA sport mode that is often too many in the city

On the highway

The Silence sets off vigorously on the motorway, quickly at 90 km / h, then 100 km / h … odometer! Because the GPS measurement confirms the figures announced by the manufacturer of 90 km / h maximum. If with a good number of electric scooters, well launched, solo and downhill we can reach a top speed higher than 10 to 15 km / h compared to the speed on the flat, there is nothing like it with the Silence . It is actually capped at 100 km / h in all conditions. I have several places that allow me to get the maximum and the minimum of the maximum speeds of scooters with a slight slope on the highway but also a slight slope. Some thermal scooters allow me to do a 90 km / h on the flat, a 100 km / h downhill and a 75 km / h on the hill. With the Silence, I do 100 km / h maximum in these three conditions, including a duo. And these same speeds on a thermal drop even further. We therefore suspect here a deliberate restriction of the speed in order to protect the engine and battery, also a guarantee of the longevity of the model. At least, when we announce a maximum speed, it is an easily achievable speed and not a speed achievable only in favorable conditions but rare in everyday life..

A good 100 km / h counter on the motorway including duo and uphill (90 km / h real)A good 100 km / h counter on the motorway including duo and hill climb (90 km / h real)

The high bubble protects well, especially against rain, but generates infrasound and bass with the noise that goes with it. And if the eyes are just above, it is noticeable to look through and in particular to detect the holes in the deformed pavement. In summary, I recommend instead to stay on the original low screen.

On the road

We appreciate the existing times at 90 km / h to climb to 100 km / h, while on many models, it often takes a long time to slowly reach maximum speed. And at least, here, the engine has "gnac" and even more for an electric model.

Eco mode is sufficient in town, see peri-urban with its 67 km / h max.Eco mode is sufficient in the city, see peri-urban with its 67 km / h max.

In Eco and City mode, you can hardly feel the braking when you release the handle, and you no longer have the impression of being coasting. This is not at all the case once in sport mode, where you can clearly feel the braking when you release the right handle..


At the first slightly violent braking on a wet road, I blocked the rear wheel and made a comma, making me doubt the ABS! With good reason, since the Silence offers a CBS, that is to say a coupled front and rear braking and not a CBS. Otherwise, the braking is powerful and controllable, even more powerful than necessary.

Single disc, regenerative brakingSingle disc, regenerative braking
Front and rear CBS combined brakingFront and rear CBS combined braking


The simple rear shock absorber quickly comes to a stop and even more as a duo. And at the front, it’s not much better when the road is deteriorating, with real direct lifts in the steering and arms. In short, everything is fine and it’s fine as long as the bitumen is good. And when the cobbles arrive, you really have to slow down so as not to be brutalized by the suspension..

A long, thick saddle, but the simple shock absorber quickly reaches limitsA long, thick saddle, but the simple shock absorber quickly reaches limits

The handles have the right shape but do not offer a lot of space and suddenly with winter gloves you can hold on to your fingertips.


There is a real trunk under the saddle to accommodate two full-face helmets and a few more small items such as pants and rain jacket or good big races. We would like all 125s to allow it, which is far from the case. This is really the key asset of this model.

A center stand completes the side stand and the scooter is really easy (and without force) to put on center. The side stand folds out easily under the foot and ensures a good stable position.

When opening the trunk, it can be opened via the app, via the ignition key on the switchboard (not easy) or simply by activating the two brake levers at the same time when the side stand is unfolded. , this last solution being by far the simplest (because with the ignition key on the board, it is not always obvious on this model).

There is finally this large flat floor, surmounted by a hook to secure his bag and his groceries..

A flat floor and a hook for carrying thingsA flat floor and a hook for carrying things


Silence announces 127 kilometers of autonomy in L3E WMTC. In real use, we will be closer to a good hundred kilometers. In fact, on a daily basis in real conditions, with odds and red lights including in duo, we lose on average 1% of battery every km, which gives a hundred kilometers. And what is good is that we have potato even under 10 km of autonomy even if the maximum speed goes down a little during the last kilometers. But where some scooters are limited to 25 km / h over the last kilometers, at 5% we can still do 60 km / h. We are therefore talking about a real range of 100 kilometers and not of a range of 80 km with 20 km in degraded or limited mode. On the other hand, if you are in sport mode permanently with dynamic driving, the autonomy can drop to 90 km and conversely if you are solo in Eco mode and with a casting, you can extend the autonomy to 110 km..

A removable battery on the side, at the level of the circleA removable battery on the side, at the level of the circle


All you have to do is connect the socket in the boot of the scooter to a standard socket to recharge the entire battery in slow charging in … seven hours! And in practice, if the battery is fully discharged, it will even be rather eight hours. In fact, she is looking for 12.5% ​​per hour. It’s long. But the advantage is to be able to easily extract the battery and then transport it on its wheels via the transport handle which allows it to be recharged both at the office and at home, for a partial or full charge, especially since charging is done without any noise, via the internal charger (no need for an additional independent charger which is often the case otherwise). There is on the other hand a nice light effect during the charge which will prevent you from doing it in the room under penalty of having the impression of being in a night club..

The removable battery to roll and connect at home (charger included)The removable battery to roll and connect at home (charger included)

The Silence S01 test video


The Silence S01 displays what is expected of an electric scooter, with daily performance close to or even better than some thermal scooters, especially in duo. Because, the duo is barely perceptible on a daily basis and we do not go from a small scooter to a calf. With a true 90 km / h and above all in all conditions, the S01 also allows you to take the interurban highways without being afraid, ideal thus for the urban which has to make about fifty kilometers every day. Finally, its storage capacity and large trunk provide the practicality expected of a utility on a daily basis. It remains its perfectible comfort and its price at nearly 7,000 euros which places it above a thermal 125, even if it is less expensive than a Vespa Elettrica with lower performance. It is then necessary to take advantage of a promotion (6,500 instead of 6,990 euros currently) and to properly calculate the aid, from 900 euros which can be combined with the help of 1,500 euros for professionals. And at 4,100 euros, the silence in addition, the spark can begin to be read in the eyes to take the step.

Strong points

  • trunk and storage
  • motor, including duo

Weak points

  • comfort
  • recharge time

The Silence S01 technical sheet

Test conditions

  • Itinerary: cities + interurban highways + small roads
  • Motorcycle mileage: 300 km

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