Trail – Test XT1200ZE Super Ténéré: Yamaha on the right track! – Super T 2014: the same … much better!


XT1200ZE Super Ténéré test: Yamaha on the right track !

Trail - Test XT1200ZE Super Ténéré: Yamaha on the right track! - Super T 2014: the same ... much better!

Improving a well-born motorcycle is not easy: too many modifications, and its fine balance is sometimes upset. Not enough, and the evolution is not progressing … But with its new XT1200ZE Super Ténéré 2014, Yamaha is doing brilliantly..


Super T 2014: the same … much better !

How does a manufacturer determine the areas for improvement of a motorcycle when the time comes for its renewal? In a simplified way, he first consults his development team, whom he asks to identify the positive and negative characteristics of the model and to summarize them..

This first draft is then compared with all the information collected through networks and customer surveys, in order to finalize it taking into account the opinions of the people most sensitive to the qualities and faults of this motorcycle: its owners! Added to this mountain of data are the appreciations delivered by the specialized press (and their readers, see your comments below), as well as the aspects appreciated or criticized by testers during confrontations with rival motorcycles..

The constitutes an excellent example of this approach roughly articulated around three stages: action (the renewal of the motorcycle is programmed), reflection (how to improve it?) And reaction (launch of the new version).

MNC explains why the famous "Super T" can indeed serve as a model … and how Yamaha went about it to make it evolve positively !

More practical and more comfortable

First of all – it’s silly, but it’s not always the case – the modifications correct characteristics considered to be perfectible (see all the technical details on the penultimate page), starting with certain practical aspects.

In our last maxi-comparison opposing it to, MNC criticized the old XT1200Z Super Ténéré – unchanged since 2010 – the incomplete nature of its instrumentation (no gear engaged, among others) and the absence of scrolling controls on the handlebars..

First good news aboard the very comfortable two-stage saddle covered with a suede-like coating: the new dashboard is much less austere and much more provided. In addition, all of its functions are controlled from the stalk switches (identical to those of the), with the exception of resetting trips and adjusting the anti-slip, devolved to push buttons located to the left of the console.

In addition to the engaged speed, this fully digital rectangular display provides information on the level and fuel consumption (average and instantaneous), the time, the air and engine temperature, and the intensity of the heat. released by the heated grips installed as standard on this "ZE" version (optional on the standard model, named Super Ténéré "short" XT1200Z).

Navigating through all of these – very! – many functions is not exactly a model of simplicity, but the whole has the merit of being exhaustive and perfectly readable in all circumstances, including with the sun behind the back. Practically identical, the ergonomics differ from the previous model only by the installation of a redesigned handlebar in order to straighten the position.

The consequent width of this handlebar has not changed, nor the position of the footrests – slightly back and low – and the considerable minimum height of the seat: 845 mm (low saddle at 810 mm as an option). Despite the remarkable narrowness of the tank between the thighs, a 1.75m pilot puts his two boots on the ground but not completely flat on each side. In practice, this is sufficient to cope with almost all situations, except in the event of a cant..

As on the previous model, all you have to do is lift the saddle – under which practically nothing is stored – and move a wedge towards the "H" mark (for "High", or "haut" in French) to bring its height to 870 mm. The maneuver is easy to do and allows you to appreciate the presence of a sturdy luggage carrier and easy-to-grasp grab handles..

No more "bubbling" !

This first visual examination also highlights the correction of one of the shortcomings from which the old Super T suffered: the height of the screen can now be changed without tools in four positions. Discovered in the high position, this new protection provides excellent deflection, placing the entire bust, shoulders and visor of the helmet behind its cover.

Depending on the size of the pilot, some turbulence shakes the top of the head, their intensity logically increasing with increasing speed. The lower body is protected by the elegant side panels, under which the cooling system radiators are concealed. The feet remain, as on the old model, totally exposed.

Unfortunately, an annoying "detail" attenuates the pleasure felt by the progress made in protection in general and in the adjustment of the screen in particular … Of course, varying the height of this windshield does not require any tools, but it does. asks to unscrew two nuts then to move aside the fixing plates to make it slide.

The operation is impossible to carry out while driving and even requires a certain practice to be carried out the first time when stationary. On this point, engineers still have room for improvement, especially as some motorcycles in this category are equipped with a windshield that can be adjusted with one hand while driving….

We think of course of the "referenze", from which this Super Ténéré version "ZE" is inspired in terms of electronic assistantship (hence the "E" behind the "Z"), by adding a speed regulator and controlled suspensions to its list of "high tech" equipment included in its standard equipment since 2010 (anti-skating, ride-by-wire accelerator, two injection maps, coupled braking from rear to front ).

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