Yamaha XT 660 X 2005

Remember Paulo les gaz’s XT (Joe BAR Team); an evil tool for the city. Yamaha takes advantage of the new version of the XT, the 660 R, to decline a supermotard variant. Something to have fun in the city and why not learn about the races which made the reputation of Thierry Van den Bosch. To go from R to X, the XT adopts 17" equipped with road tires. The front brake disc mounts to 320 mm in diameter and comes with a Brembo 4-piston caliper. Seriousness and power. In the spirit of a more muscular use of the XT, the fork springs have been hardened without modifying the travel. Yamaha should do a very good job because the manufacturer offers an affordable supermoto in a market with an often elitist tendency..
Will the future be the stronghold of the Supermots? No one can be categorical, but welcome Yamaha’s initiative to take the concept to the streets. Yamaha is introducing the Supermotard for everyone. Why so good when cheaper? In the competition, we find more watts, better damping, competitive braking … but don’t kid yourself: it’s pure sport and quickly exhausting. The XT X is less extreme and almost as fun. Not to mention that we can count on the Yam network. Vertemati fans don’t have as many dealers available.

Test – By Olivier Quinten – manufacturer photos:

I am not who you think

“10 days face to face, she plugs me into a photo, but will she still please me when I’m on it?” “

Here is a reflection that an Internet user could make the day before meeting his beautiful stranger, but no, you are reading Moto xxxxx and the beautiful one in question is the Yamaha XT 660 X.
It’s been in the catalog for 2 years now, and I admit that after a first eye contact at the last Brussels Motor Show, I always wanted to get on it and carve out a bit of road with it.
On tires, in its black and gray livery it attracts me even more (another blue and gray version, which I like less, is also in the catalog). Beautiful, high, broad on the shoulders and buttocks, rewarding thanks to its 320 mm front disc clamped by a four-piston caliper, sporty with its black Excell rims and two raised pots, it imposes.
The urge to file the soles of my boots around roundabouts and other intersections is itching. So I take out my cross helmet and sit on his handlebars.
The dashboard that I have in front of me is complete (apart from the absence of the tachometer): counters, 2 daily totalizers, watch and the usual battery of witnesses: headlights, indicators, neutral, reserve and Jehovah’s (no, I’m kidding!)
Contact, the little whistle reminds me that the 660 (4 valves and double ACT) is now equipped with injection, which unfortunately erases a little the legendary kick in the ass of the big mono (like the famous XT 500!).
Engine! The water-cooled engine pom pom remains very, if not perhaps too discreet; a good pair of adaptables would restore a sound worthy of the motorcycle and lighten the rear.
In the saddle, despite the adoption of the 17-inch radius gentes, the seat height rises to 875 mm (if you are less than 1 meter 70, don’t forget your wedge soles). After looking for the ideally low placed footrests, I go first and take off on a large stream of gas to avoid jamming (ah, that damn injection!).
The 5 gears shift easily and the engine is torquey at mid-range but runs out of steam quite quickly. This allows, on fat, to easily chain small glides from the rear, since the bike reposition itself naturally when the engine reaches maximum speed (6,000 rpm). On the other hand, in the dry, don’t expect this kind of figure of speech, the engine only develops 48 hp / din for 173 kg empty, which is a guarantee of safety but which, from the second gear, makes it difficult. the slightest whelling and other crosses on exiting a turn.
The large Pirelli Dragon tires (120/70 on 17 at the front and 160/60 on 17 at the rear) are not only there to impress the crowds, they also have an incredible grip that allows you to take angles impressive. But they ask to be at the right temperature and to have uniform wear (especially at the front) because as soon as the tire wears square, the bike becomes unstable at any speed (for the XT, it is more than 140 km / h!). Quickly, therefore, the pace picks up. In town, the turning radius and engine torque allow it to squeeze between cars. The suspension travel (200 mm in front and 190 mm behind) swallows the holes and bumps in our roads with flexibility; and on small roads, from the moment you follow the instructions for use, that is to say do not hesitate to twist the throttle, you quickly take yourself for Fiorentino: to us the braking in addition falls, well helped by the suspension of good quality (but unfortunately not adjustable) and by the fork stiffener.
On the other side of the coin, consumption is around 6 l, which gives a range of 180 km (15 l tank including 3.5 l of reserve) before the reserve lamp comes on. Small practical detail: from this moment, one of the two totalizers is reset to zero, which allows you to see after how many terminals you run out of fuel !

So what to think of this XT after 10 days ?

We could regret the lack of tachometer, the lack of hand guard and we could also express some concerns about the exhaust pipes which pass under the motorcycle, despite the ground clearance of 205 mm.
And the power will you tell me? Yes and no. I recognize that a certain lack is sometimes felt when overtaking and walking in pairs. But when we stick to the first idea of ​​this bike, that is to say the muscular ride, the power is more than enough to have fun and if you really find it too short (the power!), a Dutch preparer grafted him, it seems, an 80 hp Raptor engine ….
This test was particularly rich in emotion: first excitement, a small disappointment during the first 10 kilometers and then, after a few days, the discovery of a doubly endearing motorcycle: sold for around € 1,500 cheaper than most of the others. super biker and who will transform your daily journeys into a daily superbiker ….

M.B and Olivier Quinten
(manufacturer photos)

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    Model marketed in



    Max speed:
    sup 160 km / h

  • Consumption
    medium: 6 l

The technical aspect

Yamaha XT 660 X 2005

  • Frame
  • Tank: 15 liters
  • Width: 860 mm
  • Height: 1170 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1490 mm
  • Dry weight: 169 kg
  • Weight in running order: 185 kg
  • Train before

Yamaha XT 660 X 2005

  • Transmission
  • Secondary chain transmission
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 659 cc
    (100 x 84 mm)
  • 48
    at 6,000 rpm
  • 5.95 mkg
    at 5,250 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


Yamaha XT 660 X 2005


Yamaha XT 660 X 2005

Yamaha XT 660 X 2005

Yamaha XT 660 X 2005

Yamaha XT 660 X 2005

Yamaha XT 660 X 2005

Yamaha XT 660 X 2005

Yamaha XT 660 X 2005

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